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How to Get a Laptop for Free in Pakistan


Although not everyone can afford one, laptops are necessary for employment and education. There are numerous ways to obtain a computer for free in Pakistan. Let’s explore the article “How to Get a Laptop for Free in Pakistan.”

Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme

This government initiative provides free laptops to top students. Eligibility requires enrollment in a recognized university and academic excellence. Apply online and submit the necessary documents.

How to Get a Laptop for Free in Pakistan: University Programs

Many universities offer laptops through scholarships or grants. Check with your financial aid office for opportunities. Collaborations with tech companies often provide additional resources.

Non-Profit Organizations

Several NGOs focus on providing free laptops to students. Research organizations, follow their application procedures, and submit the required information about your background and financial situation.

Online Contests

Participate in social media contests run by tech companies and influencers. Follow the rules closely and be creative. Promotions and giveaways can also offer opportunities to win laptops.


Use platforms like GoFundMe to raise funds for a laptop. Write a compelling story about your needs. Engage with donors by providing updates and expressing gratitude.

Barter and Exchange Programs

Look for local and online barter programs. Websites like OLX allow you to trade items for laptops. Ensure the items you offer are of comparable value.

Work-Study Programs

Some part-time jobs and internships offer laptops as part of the benefits. Look for opportunities in tech companies or educational institutions. Balance work and study for maximum benefit.

Community Centers

Community centers and libraries sometimes lend or give away laptops. Check if local businesses sponsor such programs. Volunteering can also provide access to laptops.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many companies donate laptops through CSR programs. Research companies with active initiatives and submit a well-written request. Highlight your needs and how a computer will help you.

Recycling Programs

Organizations refurbish used laptops and give them to individuals in need. You can apply by proving financial need and meeting eligibility criteria. This option is also environmentally friendly.

Hania Zohaib
Hania Zohaib
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