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How to Apply for Domicile Certificate Online


How to Apply for Domicile Certificate Online in Pakistan varies slightly between different provinces. Still, the general process can be managed through dedicated governmental portals such as the e-Khidmat Markaz for Punjab or specific provincial websites.

General Steps to Apply for a Domicile Certificate Online:

  • Register and Log In: Access the online government portal for your specific province. For Punjab, this is often through the e-Khidmat Markaz website.
  • Please Complete the Form: You must enter your personal information on the online application form. This includes your CNIC number, place of birth, and how long you have lived in this district or province.
  • Attach Necessary Documents: Several documents, such as proof of identity (CNIC or Passport), proof of residence (utility bills/lease agreement, etc.), and possibly required birth certificates or educational certificates, depending on the province.
  • Fee Payment: A small fee is usually charged, which can be paid online or through a designated bank challan. The amount and method may vary with location.
  • Submit Application & Track It: Once submitted, you can track your application status using this portal online. Processing takes different times, but it usually takes some weeks, too.
  • Collection: In some systems, candidates need to get their domicile certificate themselves, while others send it to a registered address.

Specific Provincial Instructions:

  • Punjab: Residents should use the e-Khidmat Markaz platform for online applications. They must submit completed forms along with photographs, CNICs, Proof Of Residency, and Educational Certificates, if applicable.
  • Sindh and KPK: People may first apply online but then physically go to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) office nearest them for further process/submission.

These processes are designed to streamline the application procedure and make it more accessible for citizens across various districts and provinces. For detailed, province-specific information, it is recommended that you visit the respective provincial government or service center website.

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