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FIA Action Stopped Islamabad High Court Intervention


The Islamabad High Court, in a significant development, has directed the Federal Investigation Agency FIA Action Stopped to halt its actions against Barrister Gohar Ali Khan and Rauf Hassan. This directive is in relation to a case involving a post from a PTI handle that targeted Sheikh Maqbool Rahman. During the proceedings, Rauf Hassan, accompanied by his lawyer Niazullah Niazi, made an appearance. However, PTI Secretary-General Omar Ayub was absent and was represented by his lawyer. The court, led by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiyani, inquired about the complaint, to which Niazi responded that FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing had issued a notice on May 29. The court, after explaining that the solicitor was not involved, ordered the assignment of diary numbers. It also restrained FIA from taking disciplinary action and instructed Barrister Gohar Ali Khan and Rauf Hassan to record their statements. The court has issued written orders for FIA to respond by June 25.

FIA grills Rauf Hassan, Gohar Ali

FIA Cyber Crime interrogated Rauf Hassan for four hours and Barrister Gohar for two hours. Both leaders submitted separate answers and recorded their statements separately. After reviewing their statements, the investigation team will request further clarification.

The court’s written directive to FIA instructs them to respond by June 25. Meanwhile, FIA Cyber Crime questioned Rauf Hassan for four hours and Barrister Gohar for two hours. Both leaders provided separate responses and recorded their statements independently. Following the review of their statements, the investigation team plans to seek additional clarification.

The inquiry, a crucial part of the investigation, included a comprehensive questionnaire with 21 questions. These questions covered various aspects, including the management of PTI’s Twitter account during its founder’s absence and the authorization for uploading content during this period. Both leaders, in separate sessions, submitted their answers to the questionnaire and recorded their statements. The investigation team, after a detailed review of their statements, will request further clarification.

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