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Rauf Hasan Injured in Attack by Unknown

Recently, PTI’s central information secretary, Rauf Hasan Injured, was attacked by unidentified individuals in Islamabad. The incident has raised concerns and become a subject of interest through various media outlets.

Incident Details

Rauf Hasan Injured suffered injuries during the attack, with reports saying that his condition is said to be critical. Given the gravity of this situation, PTI issued a statement expressing deep concern over what happened.

Place and Background

Rauf Hasan Injured was assaulted outside an office belonging to a private news channel located in Islamabad. Relevant authorities are now investigating this case to establish who was behind these acts and why they did it.

Testimonies from Eye Witnesses

Eyewitnesses confirm Rauf Hasan’s injuries, detailing physical assault, including blows to the face with a blunt object. The presence of police officers at the scene shows how serious this matter is.

PTI’s Reaction

PTI condemned this attack through its official platforms, terming it shameful and worthy of condemnation by all peace-loving people. A video shared by the party showed blood streaming down Roh Haasan’s face, which brings out how brutal the assault was.

condemnation & call for action

The incident has attracted strong criticism from different quarters, who view it as an affront against democracy, freedom of speech and other democratic values like the rule of law. PTI leaders have vowed to take up the matter vigorously until justice prevails.

Shibli Faraz’s Statement

Opposition figure Shibli Faraz described the assault on Rauf Hasan as grave, requiring immediate attention from authorities.

Parliamentary Actions Taken

Senators affiliated with PTI expressed their solidarity with Rauf Hasan Injured in parliament, condemning those responsible for attacking him and demanding swift action against them. This incident has once again sparked debate about political figures’ safety in Pakistan.

Public Outrage & Social Media Reaction

Rauf Hasan’s Injured battering has caused an uproar on social media platforms, where users expressed shock over what happened to him. Numerous messages of solidarity have poured in for the victim, accompanied by demands for stringent measures to tackle such violence effectively.

Fawad Chaudhry’s Viewpoint

Former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry called the attack an assault on Pakistan’s political fabric, urging all stakeholders to condemn it and ensure impartial justice for all culprits.

Journalistic Community’s Position

Renowned journalist Mubashir Zaidi condemned the attack, urging unity against injustices. Following the incident, journalist safety in the country is under renewed scrutiny.

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