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Enhance Your WhatsApp Security with the Latest Feature

WhatsApp prioritizes client privacy. Besides that, other developments have been made this quarter. The meta-owned messaging app has a more desirable chat lock characteristic to ensure higher protection. In May, a chat lock was released for cellular applications. Which enabled numerous chats to be locked inside a folder where access is granted through a secret code.

Current Limitations 

However, one difficulty with this unique functionality is that the most effective chats on the primary tool can be locked. This means that if you are using an identical WhatsApp account on diverse telephones, those connected devices can’t have chacan’tks.

Beta Feature of WhatsApp Security: Chat Lock for Linked Devices

With this issue in mind, WhatsApp is testing a brand new characteristic in its beta model for Android devices. Under this selection, customers can use chat lock not only on their primary device but also on related devices.

How It Works

The record states that locked chat folders will appear above the main display screen of the WhatsApp app on linked gadgets. Nonetheless, no mystery code from your top Whats App account will work with joined gadgets; rather, some other mystery code must be created via the primary tool settings.

Enhance Your WhatsApp Security with the Latest Feature

Enhanced WhatsApp Security

Once customers install their new mystery codes, locked chats will disappear from all linked gadgets’ conversation lists. The best place to enter any of those conversations is from the locked chat screen.

When you rent chat locking throughout all of your gadgets, you can safeguard essential conversations against prying eyes, regardless of whether or not the ones folks manifest to utilize the particular telephone.


It may be hard to say whether it’ll go live for all its customers, considering that this feature is currently being tested in a beta version.

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