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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Batteries Innovative from ORNL Combat Climate Change


ORNL scientists within the United States Department of Energy have been working on innovative battery technologies to combat climate change. The batteries are meant to increase renewable energy adoption. And help mitigate climate change by capturing CO2 and storing energy efficiently.

Renewable Energy Storage

Innovative batteries developed at ORNL can store renewable energy from wind turbines or solar panels. Without wind or sunlight, this stored energy must be utilized through an electrochemical reaction. This process involves converting industrial CO2 emissions into usable materials by first trapping CO2 from industrial emanations.

Carbon Dioxide Conversion

ORNL researchers recently formulated and tested two types of batteries that convert CO2 to solid forms usable for making other valuable things. This innovation helps in energy storage as it provides a way to convert industrial CO2 emissions into greenhouse gases with the aim of reducing them.

With such an ample storage space. One new type of battery can last for six hundred hours and store electricity for about ten hours. These batteries are capable of providing a continuous supply of renewable power even when natural sources like wind and sun are not available.

Addressing Key Challenges

The principal problem in other formulations was chemical inactivity, as identified and studied by these scientists during their research. They worked hard to understand this issue and find solutions to overcome it. Thus enhancing efficiency and reliability, among other things, in new battery technologies.

These advancements hold great promise for increasing the use of renewable energy sources . And provide a stable energy supply even without natural resources like sunlight and wind. As research continues, these batteries could play an essential role in global efforts against climatic changes while promoting sustainable practices toward clean-energy production.

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