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Chinese President Call for Middle East Peace Summit


Chinese President Xi Jinping, inaugurating a summit with Arab leaders in Beijing, called for an international peace convention on the Gaza battle and pledged additional humanitarian resources. During the opening consultation of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, President Xi expressed delight with the “deep family members” between China and Arab international locations.

He emphasized the longstanding and pleasant ties between the Chinese and Arab peoples and the importance of constructing an extra-balanced framework for monetary and exchange relations to benefit both.

Regarding the Gaza warfare, President Xi stated that prolonged war is unsustainable, justice can not be absent indefinitely, and a twin-nation answer cannot be abandoned. He reiterated China’s assistance for the status quo of an unbiased and possible Palestinian nation and encouraged Palestinian efforts to become a complete member nation of the United Nations.

President Xi emphasized the need for a peaceful and equitable resolution to Israeli-Palestinian warfare, known as a “global peace convention,” cautioning that justice can’t be absent indefinitely in the Middle East.

He additionally encouraged a broader global peace conference to deal with security concerns stemming from the Israel-Hamas battle.

President Xi pledged additional resources to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, such as an extra 500 million yuan and a $3 million donation to UNRWA for immediate humanitarian assistance.

Summit Highlights: Calls for Gaza Ceasefire

During the summit, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called for an instantaneous ceasefire in Gaza. At the same time, UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed expressed issues approximately the difficult state of affairs within the location due to Israel’s war with Gaza.

Bahrain’s ruler advised intensified efforts to recognize the Palestinian country.

President Xi stressed China’s willingness to deepen cooperation with Arab nations in the energy sector, declaring that China is ready to compete with Arab countries in the studies and development of present-day power technology and devices.

He announced that China will host some other summits between China and Arab countries in 2026, aiming to further support trade relations and address safety concerns related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Leaders from Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Tunisia, and different nations discussed trade members of the family with China and protection worries springing up from the Israel-Hamas warfare at some point at the summit.

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