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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Avoid These Common Mobile Phone Mistakes

Dark Clouds and Thunderstorms Ahead

Different regions of the nation are experiencing outrageous intensity while waiting for the rainstorm season to come in full power of Mobile Phone. Thus, it means a lot to know how to utilize our cell phones when it is coming down. Even if the weather is nice during a monsoon, lightning and thunder can be dangerous. But what we must keep in mind is that using smartphones during lightning can put us at risk.

Hazards of Using Smartphones During Lightning

Utilizing cell phones during rainstorms and lightning can be unsafe for the telephone and deadly for the client. When lightning strikes, it may harm or burn your phone, resulting in an electric shock that can also result in death. Yes, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, but still, we should remember that open fields and agricultural regions are more susceptible places where farmers work day long, putting their lives at stake. Apart from this fact, using mobile phones when electrical discharges are happening in the atmosphere creates another serious situation – people receive strong electrical impulses from their devices if they hold them at this moment.

Scientific Reason Behind This Danger

According to some experts’ opinion, ultrawide rays are emitted while using mobile phones, which could attract a lightning bolt toward you or anyone nearby. During such situations, one should switch off their device immediately upon seeing any sign of thunderstorm activity around them, etc. All other electronic gadgets like TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, radios, etcetera too need shutting down so no harm will occur due to any possible surge caused by power failure induced through a direct strike by thunderbolt onto these appliances, causing fire outbreak within buildings where they were installed as stated earlier.

Don't make this serious mobile phone mistake at all

Safety Measures To Be Taken

– Do not use your cell phone when thunderstorms accompany heavy rain;
– Turn off your mobile phone instantly as soon as you see or hear a storm coming close;
– Avoid the use of other electric equipment during electric storms;
– Keep yourself safe and updated with weather forecast news always ;
– Unplug electronic devices during storms
– Refrain from taking showers/baths during lightning;
– Stay away from windows and doors during thunderstorms.
– Do not drive in heavy rain and when there is a chance of lightning.

Be Safe and Stay Updated

Remember that precaution is better than cure. Always prioritize your safety first before anything else during an electrical storm or bad weather like this one. Stay updated about the weather conditions around where you are living or staying at any given time so as to avoid unnecessary risks that might lead to loss of life or property damage due to a direct hit by a bolt onto a building within its vicinity, etcetera; follow all precautions mentioned here without fail too.

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