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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Arif Alvi Defends Imran Khan Call to Read Commission Report


Former PTI founder Imran Khan was not wrong in asking for the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report to be made public, according to ex-President Arif Alvi.

Alvi told the media that he was worried about Imran Khan misguiding the youth. He complained that social media had been used to spread false information, especially among young people whose views of reality may have become distorted as a result.

Drawing foreign investment requires trust, said Arif Alvi. He warned that no investors would come if they did not have faith in our leaders, making him concerned about destabilizing actions that could impact further on economy, and urged for responsible governance so we can keep financial stability at these critical times. Can MQM win Karachi? The President is doubtful.

Alvi Defends Imran Khan, Emphasizes Rule of Law and Democratic Processes

Intolerance is not Imran Khan fault, clarified Alvi; finding answers should not dwell on persons but rather concentrate on productive approaches towards them; The rule of law must be introduced as one of those fundamental steps needed while solving this puzzle, according to him who also insisted much needs doing bring back mandate implying national tranquility will only be restored if democratic processes are respected hence he stressed again need to restore mandate.

Moreover, he admonished what he termed as an avoidance mentality when dealing. Different issues, saying it shows a lack of wisdom or foresightfulness (imprudence). He added that dialogue remains a vital tool for solving political and social problems; hence. Its importance cannot be overemphasized through talking. We get to know each other better, thus creating awareness about our diverse opinions, which eventually leads us to find consensus points, but this can only happen when we speak freely without fear holding back anything from another person’s point view argued.

Arif Alvi supported the request made by Imran Khan concerning the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report. Condemned misinformation via social networking sites among youth. Highlighted trust as a key ingredient in attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs); reiterated. The need for open conversations aimed at resolving national challenges through the establishment of rule-based order. He, therefore, called upon leaders to act responsibly and engage constructively. Citizens in address these realities so as to deal with them head-on for sustainable peace-building effectively.

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