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Aitzaz Ahsan | Imran Khan will not come out of jail soon


Aitzaz Ahsan, a senior politician and former minister of the federation has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan will not be released from prison for some time. Talking to the media at the Lahore High Court. The lawyer-turned-political leader expressed these views. He emphasized the need to remain humble and accessible, saying that one cannot stop talking just because one disagrees with others. Critics criticized Imran Khan’s current policy of non-engagement as too rigid. Therefore, not workable politically or for any settlement.

According to him, it is possible to find solutions through discussion, even with an adversary. Which may lead to wider opportunities than before imagined while addressing conflict situations. Mr. Ahsan suggested backchannel communications between Asif Zardari and the PTI chief could result in many positive things happening around us today. Which seems impossible.

Ahsan: Imran Khan Must Engage Zardari

Mr. Ahsan also noted that Mr. Khan’s strategy of isolating himself from all sides except those who agree with him has put him into legal trouble as well as narrowed down his political options greatly, thereby making it almost impossible for him to come out of jail through this way alone.

It is important to note here that what Aitzaz said underlines the significance of strategic communications in politics, especially negotiation skills. when he advised Imran Khan saying if he were more open. Then maybe some of these problems might disappear or have another look altogether. leading towards his freedom from custody also known as ‘jail-breaking’. These comments by this political veteran suggest strong resilience coupled with adaptability are key in dealing with the complex Pakistani political landscape.

A broader criticism of Mr. Khan approach to power play was echoed by none other than our great friend Ahsan. Who proposed greater inclusivity through dialogue channels. Which, according to me. It can help overcome most, if not all, of the difficulties faced by the PTI chairman today. What remains unknown is whether Imran Khan listens. But I must say we could save ourselves a lot of trouble when we face similar situations next time.

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