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Sunni Alliance Council . Khawaja Asif: Chaos in National Assembly


The atmosphere in the Chaos National Assembly became tense as members of the Sunni Alliance Council engaged in a heated exchange with Khawaja Asif, using inappropriate language during the budget session. The female members of parliament vocally disapproved, leading to a chaotic scene with shouted slogans.

Amidst the uproar, the Speaker intervened, urging for calm and decorum. He temporarily suspended Sanaullah Masti Khel’s membership in the assembly for the budget session due to his use of derogatory. Remarks against the government. Amid the budget debate, Sanaullah Masti Khel is a Sunni Alliance Council member (PTI). Fiercely criticized the government. Labeling it as a failed administration with a failed budget. He accused them of squandering money and neglecting public welfare. And being more concerned with personal gain.

Addressing Khawaja Asif directly, Masti Khel remarked that whenever Asif spoke, it brought tears to their eyes. He accused Asif of entering the assembly after receiving money from institutions, contrasting it with their representation based on public votes. This sparked further uproar, with inappropriate language being exchanged, leading to a heated confrontation between the government and opposition female members.

The Deputy Speaker intervened to calm the situation, adjourning the session for fifteen minutes to assess it. However, tensions escalated as a scuffle broke out between assembly members Antique Anwar and Jamshaid Dasti, while Agha Rafiqueullah of the People’s Party intervened to prevent a physical altercation.

Simultaneously, security personnel formed a barrier between the opposition and government benches to prevent further escalation. The government’s female members left the assembly hall, demanding Masti Khel’s suspension.

In media interviews outside the parliament, Barrister Gohar and other party members reiterated their condemnation of Masti Khel’s behavior and pledged not to let the government forget the incident. They highlighted the need for maintaining parliamentary decorum and respect, especially during heated debates.

It also highlighted more significant issues like economic growth, national security, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The opposition leader, Omar Ayub, demanded a comprehensive security review, particularly along CPEC routes, putting security ahead of economic progress.

Meanwhile, these events included demands for transparency, accountability, and responsible governance. This incident highlighted the difficulties involved in Pakistani politics, reflecting broader worries about good government, public accountability, and national security.

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