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Strengthening Parliament: Nawaz Sharif Vision


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk, NNI): Nawaz Sharif has emphasized the necessity of strengthening the parliament to protect the constitution and the rule of law rather than engaging in aimless protests on the streets. He expressed these views during a conversation with Deputy Chairman Senate Syed Ali Khan, who met him in Murree.

Strengthening Parliament Over Street Protests Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif once said that the parliament is the appropriate venue for protecting the constitution, not the streets. He stressed that for democracy to exist and be based on the supremacy of the law, we must give power to our legislative bodies. According to him, throughout history, purposeless protests or riots at street corners have damaged constitutions and democratic systems. This means that legislative institutions must do jobs if they want people to believe in them as bastions of democracy.

Felicitations and Expectation

Senator Syed Ali Khan congratulated Nawaz Sharif’s election as President of Pakistan PML-N. Nawaz Sharif also congratulated the Deputy Chairman of the Senate on being elected and hoped that he would contribute towards making the federation strong, fostering democracy in the upper house, and promoting national unity.

Commitment of PML-N Leadership with Democratic Values

Senator Irfan Siddiqui, Parliamentary Leader of PML-N in the Senate, attended the meeting. Mr. Siddiqui highlighted the party’s commitment to democratic values and reinforced parliamentary practices as a cornerstone of governance. Nawaz Sharif’s call to action directs political energies towards the legislature rather than the streets, thus showing an organized way of politics.

Historical Context and Future Prospects Nawaz Sharif

This stance by Nawaz Sharif comes in the backdrop of a historical trend in Pakistan where street protests have often been a method of political expression. Sharif’s emphasis on parliamentary strength reflects a strategic shift towards institutional stability and legal frameworks. By advocating for the importance of the parliament, Sharif is steering the political narrative towards constructive governance and away from disruptive actions that can undermine constitutional democracy.

In summary, Nawaz Sharif’s recent statements underscore a pivotal approach to governance, emphasizing that the constitution’s true guardianship lies within the parliament. Strengthening parliamentary processes is crucial for maintaining the rule of law and democratic integrity, marking a significant commentary on the current political strategies and future direction of PML-N.

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