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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Smuggler Arrested with Illicit Weapons in Kachi Pakki, Vehari


Tariq Mahmood ASI and Tahir Latif HC, shift in-charges of the Punjab Highway Patrol post in Kachi Pakki District Vehari, along with the crime fighter team, conducted a successful operation under a well-planned strategy and recovered 75 30-bore pistols from the illegal possession of the previously recorded offender named Muhammad Amin Siddique. The police arrested the smuggler and filed a case at the Luddan police station.

The police are dedicated to combating criminal elements. If you have any information, please call the helpline at 1124. The Vehari Police devote itself to safeguarding its citizens and ensuring their safety.

The Punjab Highway Patrol Vehari performed the task under observation. The team strived for a good strategy and effective checking that resulted in the illegal recovery of the arms. The operation has sent a powerful message to criminals that we will not tolerate them in this area.

Muhammad Amin Sadiq, the Smuggler Arrested, faces charges for an offense. He already has a criminal history; therefore, police are investigating his connection to other crimes.

Smuggler Arrested

Besides, authorities are seeking his partners in crime, whom they intend to deal with very soon. The Vehari Police Department is exerting significant effort to maintain law and order within the district because its top priority is to create safe communities for all residents.

If anyone has any information regarding unlawful activities. Please share it via the 1124 helpline to assist the forces in combating crime.

Smuggler Arrested with Illicit Weapons in Kachi Pakki, Vehari

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