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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Shoaib Akhtar Criticizes Pakistan’s Loss to USA in T20 World Cup


Pakistan’s Disappointing Defeat

Former star rapid bowler Shoaib Akhtar has expressed sadness over Pakistan’s defeat to America in the IT Twenty20 World Cup. Regarded for his candid critiques, Akhtar shared his mind in a video message on social media. According to him, Pakistan did now not deserve to win the suit against the American crew, which completed brilliantly from the beginning.

American Team’s Dominance

The American team showcased a dominant performance during the match. From the beginning, it Outplayed Pakistan in all factors of the sport. This defeat is especially disheartening for Pakistan because it marks a bad start to the occasion. Akhtar emphasized that the American team’s great play was important in their victory.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s Historical Achievements

Akhtar reflected on Pakistan’s historical achievements, specifically highlighting the 1999 World Cup. He recalled how Pakistan had made records by defeating groups like Bangladesh. However, this latest defeat to the USA is a stark assessment of those glorious moments. Akhtar’s disappointment is shared with the aid of many lovers who anticipated a more potent overall performance from the Pakistani group.

A Wake-Up Call for Pakistan

This defeat serves as a warning call for the Pakistani team. Akhtar’s complaint underscores the need for the crew to reassess their strategies and performance. The expectations had been high, and this loss highlights the areas requiring instant improvement. Fans and analysts might watch how Pakistan responds to their upcoming matches.

Moving Forward

As the  T20 World Cup progresses, the Pakistani crew has a risk to redeem themselves. Learning from this defeat and making essential adjustments can be crucial. The guide from enthusiasts and positive complaints from legends like Shoaib Akhtar can motivate the team to carryout better in Destiny games.


Shoaib Akhtar’s remarks about Pakistan’s defeat to us in the T20 World Cup mirror the disappointment many felt. The American crew’s dominance inside the fit changed into clear, and Pakistan’s lackluster overall performance did not warrant a win. Pakistan wishes to study from this loss and attempt to have higher effects inside the tournament.

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