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Shibli Faraz | Govt’s High Tactics Threaten Democracy


PTI Senator Shibli Faraz has accused the government of resorting to underhanded tactics as it cannot compete with PTI politically. Speaking at a Senate session, Faraz said that fascism is on the rise in the country. He condemned the recent political arrests, mentioning a disgraceful incident that occurred recently.

Faraz detailed how PTI’s central office was raided and demolished under the cover of darkness. Islamabad President Amir Mughal was arrested. He strongly condemned the incident and demanded the immediate release of their colleagues.

He emphasized that the ongoing political actions against PTI will not deter their spirit. “You can demolish our offices, imprison our founders. But you cannot erase the love of Imran Khan from the hearts of 250 million people,” Shibli Faraz asserted.

Faraz accused the government of using power to suppress political dissent, claiming historians would record these actions. He warned that those complacent today should remember that these tactics are not only against PTI. He criticized the government’s inability to compete politically and resorting to dirty tactics, warning that such actions are detrimental to democracy. Faraz expressed willingness to abandon such politics if it continued in this manner.

He criticized the government formed from a “stolen mandate” through Form 47, urging them to at least maintain a facade of decency. Such actions, he argued, are fostering hatred among the people and undermining democracy and the sanctity of the vote.

Faraz pointed out the country’s current instability. Accusing the government of using oppression and power to crush its opponents instead of playing a political role. He also implicated the PPP, claiming it is equally involved despite not being in government.

Azam Nazir Tarar Defends Action Against PTI Office

Responding to the closure of the PTI Secretariat, Law Minister Azam Nazir Tarar defended the action, stating it was a decision by the CDA to maintain order in the city. He revealed that authorities had served PTI notices regarding unauthorized floors since 2020, with the last notice sent on May 10 before taking action.

Tarar stressed that PTI had the opportunity to challenge these notices in court. Which could have resulted in a stay order.

He questioned PTI’s moral stance, recalling incidents where authorities raided a former Prime Minister’s house and arrested a former President’s sister from the hospital. He cited these as examples of previous abuses of power, questioning the double standards.

Tarar stood by his remarks on the judiciary, reiterating that the Constitution protects everyone’s dignity. He asserted that if defending constitutional values is considered an attack, he is unashamed and unafraid to continue such “attacks”.

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