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Shehbaz Sharif’s Tajikistan Visit Bilateral Strengthening

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s said that the signing of MoUs between Tajikistan and Pakistan will strengthen bilateral relations. He underscored that both countries were eager to enhance their brotherly ties.

While holding a joint presser with his Tajik counterpart, PM Shehbaz Sharif’s said, “It feels like moving from one house to the next. This served as a sign of the cordial welcome they got from people throughout Tajikistan. Throughout their stay, the kindness and friendliness of the Tajikistani people left a lasting effect on them, reinforcing the solid historical and cultural ties between our two countries.

Shehbaz Sharif sip to Dushanbe for Qasr-e-Nawruz.

During his visit to DusDushanbe’scient Qasr-e-Nawruz, the premier stressed the need to consider some aspects of the agreements that Pakistan and Tajikistan are signing. According to him, these agreements would open up new avenues of cooperation, particularly in crucial sectors, including agriculture, fitness, schooling, investment, and trade. The Prime Minister is confident these constructive initiatives will increase bilateral trade and contribute to both nations’ overall economic development.

After arriving in Tajikistan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visited the Ismail Samani Memorial.

Shahbaz Sharif referred to the solid historical ties between Pakistan and Tajikistan at the Ithe Smail Samani Memorial. He disclosed that however much mutual trade today does not reflect the true potential of close relationships between the two states. To rectify this situation, he insisted on setting ambitious annual targets for enlarging trading volumes while emphasizing the strategic importance of moving goods from Karachi port via Afghanistan into Tajikistan. Hence, as he called it, it could become a crucial trade corridor leading to economic integration and connectivity within this area.

The Prime Minister dreams of a united railway plus road system for Pakistan and Tajikistan. He noted that such infrastructure would ensure easy trading and traveling between the countries while further consolidating their relations. According to him, during his one-on-one talk with the President of Tajikistan, delegation-level negotiations on a wide range of subjects aimed at improving cooperation were very constructive.

Bearing in mind the effect both nations have experienced because of terrorism, Shehbaz Sharif also spoke about this issue. He observed that Pakistan has been fighting against terror for a long time now. Pointing out how much it has sacrificed in this struggle. He mentioned when terrorism will be eradicated from Pakistan by 2018-2017 but still added that after being eliminated. It has recently come back.

Tajik President Invited by PM to Invest in Various Sectors

The head of state invited his counterpart from Tajikistan to invest in several sectors within Pakistan. The prime minister referred to the recent resurgence of terrorism but maintained that joint efforts should still be made toward eliminating this threat. Hence, he stressed close cooperation between Tajikistan and Pakistan in a bitter fight against terrorists. The Prime Minister reminded everybody that peace is sine qua non for regional prosperity. He hoped to complete the CASA-1000 project next year. According to him, this project could bring considerable economic benefits and prosperity to our area.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Canada spoke about global problems. Including the ongoing Ukraine war and the dire situation in the Gaza Strip. He highlighted that 40,000 Palestinians had been killed. He underlined that addressing these worldwide concerns requires joint efforts. In contrast, he represents his oneness to those affected directly or indirectly by conflicts.

Therefore, the prime minminister’ssit to Tajikistan represents a recommitment to improving bilateral relations. Promoting economic development and addressing common problems through cooperation and mutual assistance are also important.

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