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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Send One-Time Voice Notes on WhatsApp Easily


Voice messages can now use WhatsApp’s “View Once” feature, first made available last year. This feature improves user convenience and privacy.

How Does the ‘View Once’ Feature Work?

Messages can now disappear from the chat after being viewed by the recipient through the ‘View Once’ feature. In the beginning, this feature only applied to photos and videos. However, WhatsApp expanded it last year to encompass voice notes due to the increased need for privacy.

Previously, any voice note sent via WhatsApp would stay on the chat, and recipients could replay it whenever they wanted. This posed a risk for people who wanted to share private information. Therefore, with this function, users can send voice notes confident they will be heard once. When the receiver listens to such a message, it vanishes from the conversation automatically, thus providing stronger protection for personal communication.

Benefits of the ‘View Once’ Feature

Improved Privacy: Now, users can transmit sensitive details without worrying about being repeatedly listened to.


It ensures that private chats do not remain in memory, lowering the chances of unauthorized entry.


The sender has more power over what happens with their content as shared ensuring its proper use.

Guide on How To Use It

Here are some steps you should follow if you want to make maximum use of this privacy-enhancing characteristic;

Open Chat

Start by opening an individual or group chat where you will send a voice note.

Tap Microphone Icon

Locate the microphone icon at the bottom of the chat screen, then tap it to begin recording.

Lock Recording

Swipe up on the microphone icon to record hands-free by locking recording; this enables one to always speak without keeping the button down.

Record Message

Speak clearly into a microphone while recording, making sure all required information is included within said record.

Activate ‘View Once’

Before sending your message, click the ‘View Once’ icon, usually represented by a circled “1.” This icon should turn green after you click it, thus indicating that your message is now set to be viewed only once.

Send One-Time Voice Notes on WhatsApp Easily

Send Message

Tap the send button once activated and ready to send; a voice note will be delivered with the ‘View Once’ setting on.

Important Considerations

Recipient Notification: Be aware that recipients can see whether their message has been read and whether it is ‘View Once’ since the icon will be visible to them, too.

No Replays:

After listening to the voice note, it disappears from chat, so the recipient cannot return. If you are a beginner in using this feature, consider trying it out with someone you trust the most to ensure that everything works well for both parties.

Updates & Improvements:

WhatsApp may refine this feature further based on user feedback; hence, for a better experience, keep yourself updated by downloading the latest app versions.


Adding the ‘View Once’ function for voice messages on WhatsApp is a big leap towards ensuring users’ privacy and security. Following these steps can help one take full advantage of this feature, safeguarding sensitive voice conversations. With advancements in digital communication systems, features like ‘view once’ have become very important in building trust among people who use them while protecting their confidentiality.

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