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Securing Worker feature After Google Fall feature


Google is a multinational technology company that draws users in with its inventive features. While also setting new records for employee wellbeing. The story went viral on social media after news broke out about. Google giving death feature to the families of their workers. Which includes paying the spouse’s salary for ten years. This shows how much. They care about their employees’ welfare. This could revolutionize what businesses do for worker satisfaction in the future.

Employee feature of Google:

A Complete Package that Looks After Employees’ Families

Here are some of these according to the Chief People Officer:

– 50% of the employee’s salary paid to the spouse or domestic partner annually for ten years

– $1,000 per month given to each child until they turn 19 (approximately PKR 27 lakhs)

– Educational support until age 23

– Free meals, foosball tables and other perks provided by Google for the family of an employee.

Maternity & Paternity Leaves: A Policy That Supports Family Time

Google offers generous maternity/paternity leaves such as:

– 6 weeks paid leave for new fathers

– 18 weeks of paid leave for new mothers

Google Setting New Standards For Employee Welfare:

The company’s feature system cannot be matched within its industry; it goes beyond saying ‘we care about our people’. This model has set a precedent over. What should now be expected from organizations regarding staff well-being. Where others will likely take heed as well. By making sure that their workforce is happy and healthy at all times, employers can create better work environments that foster creativity, leading to higher productivity levels among employees.

feature After Google

Global Leader In Employee Satisfaction:

Google has been ranked as one of the top companies when it comes to keeping workers happy worldwide mostly thanks too its extensive range of programs designed specifically with this aim in mind. Google does care about its employees deeply which shows through the many initiatives they have implemented over the years so far. Barilla, an Italian food company, has recently come under fire for its lack of employee feature.

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