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Secret Marriage storm: Dur Fishaan Saleem & Bilal Abbas Khan

A popular female YouTuber recently stirred controversy in the entertainment industry by claiming that famous Pakistani actress Dur Fishaan Saleem and actor Bilal Abbas Khan secretly tied the knot after dating for some time. This article examines the allegations, their context, and how those implicated reacted.

Ishq Murshad Drama and On-Screen Chemistry

Famous TV Serials

The recently concluded drama “Ishq Murshad” features Bilal Abbas Khan alongside Dur Fishaan Saleem. It has been widely acclaimed for its plot and acting—scenes of their marriage thrilled audiences. Hence, the beautiful on-screen chemistry between the two lead actors.

Marriage Scenes That Went Viral

Images and videos from the drama showing scenes of Bilal Abbas Khan and Dur Fishaan Saleem getting married went wild on social media, fueling speculations on whether they are together off-screen. The authenticity of their on-screen chemistry questioned what kind of relationship they had out of character.

Accusations And Controversy Surrounding Ishq Murshad Drama

YouTube Claims From Maria Ali

In her YouTube video, which went viral online, YouTuber Maria Ali claimed that Dur Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan were romantically involved before “Ishq Murshad” began airing. Maria suggested that an off-set bond between these celebrities when playing roles such as eating together or anything intimate could be interpreted as a romantic attachment.

Alleged Secret Marriage

Maria Ali also argued that during the premiere night of this drama serial. Dur Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan showed up late because they had gotten married secretly. She said she got this information from several industry insiders who claim to have verified it. Alleging that it is something only known to themselves but not made public; hence, no one knows about their recent status,

Serious Accusations Leveled Against Dur Fishaan Saleem

In her video, Maria Ali also accused Dur Fishaan Saleem of cheating on another actor by having an affair with Bilal Abbas Khan. Concerning the alleged secret marriage, these claims heightened the level of complexity in this case.

Silence And Reaction

Actors’ Silence

Despite Maria Ali’s video going viral and social media picking up the marriage allegations. Dur Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan have not commented. The silence from those affected has resulted in fans and industry insiders questioning whether these accusations are true or whether they never actually happened.

Rumors And Social Media Speculation

Social media sites have been abuzz with debate about Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan’s supposed relationship and their claimed secret wedding. Fans have had a mixed reaction. Some ask questions, while others worry about it. Some people anxiously await their response to clear up everything that might have happened.


The entertainment industry is facing controversy over allegations that Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan secretly got married. At the same time, YouTuber Maria Ali’s claims have gained attention. The actors involved have not confirmed or denied the claims, leaving much unanswered. Only time will tell whether Dur Fishaan Saleem and Bilal Abbas Khan decide to address these rumors and clarify their relationship status as speculation mounts on this issue.

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