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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Reduction in Fares | Deputy Commissioner’s Meeting Insights


A recent development in Rawalpindi concerns the Reduction in fares for public transportation after a decrease in petroleum products. Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Hassan Waqar Cheema made this decision during a meeting. This meeting sought to evaluate the effects of reduced petroleum prices on bus stand cleanliness and fare.

Understanding the Decision

1. Meeting Held Under Deputy Commissioner’s Chairmanship

Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Hassan Waqar Cheema convened a meeting to discuss the impact of lower oil prices on transport costs.

2. Reduction in Transportation Fares

The meeting lowered transport fares across all routes in Rawalpindi by 5%, consequent to a fall in oil prices.

3. Directive to RTA Secretary

The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary will ensure that the list of fares changed is displayed prominently at all bus stops.

4. Formation of Special Squad

A dedicated team ensures daily fare enforcement, verifying fare reductions and monitoring changes in fare charges.

5. Awareness Campaign

An extensive campaign will inform people about these low-cost fares. Banners, posters, and Suzuki stand will be erected at major bus stops.

6. Establishment of Complaint Cell

A complaint cell will be established at the RTA office, where fare revision-related grievances can be easily registered. Citizens can, therefore, lodge complaints about transportation fares at this register.

Implications and Benefits

1. Affordability for Commuters

Reduced transport fares enable easy commuting for daily wage earners and students, facilitating travel within their areas.

2. Improved Cleanliness at Bus Stands

This move focuses on bus stand cleanliness, im, providing hygiene and sanitation facilities for commuters’ commuter parent Fare Revision Process:

Transparent fare revisions, prominently displayed, foster agreement and transparency, ensuring commuters are well-knowledgeable and assured.

The meeting’s decision to reduce transportation fares following a decrease in petroleum prices is commendable. It enhances accessibility and reduces the cost of public transport for residents of Rawalpindi. Bus stand cleanliness underscores authorities’ commitment to enhancing commuter experiences.

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