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Punjab Imposes New Cleaning Charges on Homes

In the latest choice, the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, introduced the imposition of cleaning Charges on Homes across the province. This selection comes amidst discussions in the Cabinet Standing Committee for Finance and Development, chaired with the aid of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. The meeting shed light on various aspects, including the number of residential and commercial units in Punjab.

The Decision Cleaning Charges on Homes

During the committee meeting, it was resolved that the 10 Marlas would be cleaning Charges on Homesa 200 rupee sanitation fee, while those exceeding this size would be charged 500 rupees. Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz instructed the municipal department to reduce the approved sanitation charges by more than 50 per cent.

Hydropower Project Water Charges

Another significant aspect discussed in the meeting was the proposal to increase water charges for private-sector hydropower projects. However, this suggestion was dismissed, with Maryam Nawaz expressing concerns over the potential escalation of electricity prices due to increased water charges.

Implications and Concerns Cleaning Charges on Homes

While the selection to hike fees is predicted to enhance revenue, there are apprehensions regarding the possible rise in strength prices. Maryam Nawaz highlighted the want to tread cautiously to avoid burdening the general public with inflated application bills.

Green Pakistan Program and Other Initiatives

Amidst these deliberations, approval was granted for funds under the Green Pakistan Program. Additionally, 20 million rupees were allocated to fulfill the pilgrimage promise for ten eligible women residing in Old Age Homes. Maryam Nawaz emphasized the importance of facilitating the travel arrangements for these women.

Focus on the Housing Department

A separate session was held concerning the Housing Department under Maryam Nawaz’s supervision. Secretary Housing Punjab, Asadullah Khan, briefed the Chief Minister on the ‘Own Your Roof, Own Your Home Project’. Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Chief Secretary of Punjab, and the Principal Secretary, among others, attended the meeting. Maryam Nawaz directed immediate actions for the project’s progression.

The decisions at some point in the current cabinet meeting mirror the Punjab government’s dedication to addressing numerous socio-economic challenges. While focusing on revenue generation, efforts also prioritize residents’ welfare and the execution of vital development projects.

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