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Public Funding for Gas Company Sports


The decision by the Islamabad gas company to collect funds from the public for its employees’ sports activities has stirred debate and controversy. The move, aimed at financing sports endeavors within the company, has raised questions regarding its necessity and the burden it places on consumers.

Permission and Allocation

OGRA has approved Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) to charge a weighty amount. The consent, totaling 68 million rupees, intends to support sports activities for employees. This allocation, spread across various departments, highlights the importance given to sports within the company.

Transmission and Distribution Sectors

They have been allowed to collect two crore rupees from the transmission sector and three crore rupees from the distribution sector. The organization will use these funds to promote sports, which may improve staff spirits and health.

Sales Department

Additionally, the sales department has been authorized to collect 16 million rupees. This allocation underscores the company’s commitment to promoting sports as an integral part of its corporate culture.

Requests and Operational Needs

Sui Northern’s sports cell initially requested 333 million rupees. This sizable request reflects the perceived importance of sports in enhancing employee engagement and promoting a healthy lifestyle. However, due to budgetary constraints, the approved amount falls considerably short of the requested sum.

Impact on Sports Activities

The shortfall in funds has led to temporary restrictions on certain sports within Sui Northern. Financial constraints have temporarily banned hockey, kabaddi, and football activities. This limitation highlights the direct impact of funding shortages on the availability of sporting opportunities for employees.

Public Reaction and Concerns

The decision to collect funds from consumers for employee sports activities has sparked mixed reactions from the public. While some view it as a positive step towards promoting employee well-being and team spirit, others criticize it as an unnecessary burden on consumers already facing economic challenges.


The Islamabad Gas Company decision to collect funds from the public for employee sports activities reflects its commitment to fostering a culture of sports and well-being within the organization. However, the allocation of funds and the impact on sports activities raise important questions about financial transparency and consumer burden. Moving forward, we must maintain a balance between supporting employee engagement and addressing public concerns to ensure we effectively utilize resources and promote a healthy corporate environment.

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