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PTI vs CDA: Clash Over Islamabad Office Encroachment


In Islamabad, the CDA encroached upon the PTI’s central office during an operation to which the PTI expressed its reaction.

Statement by PTI Chairman:

Speaking to the media outside the office, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan stated that the CDA has no permit for the operation and did not send any notices during the past two years.

Barrister Gohar voiced concern over the violation of the sanctity of a political party’s office, which he deemed the second most respectable office after Parliament.

He said there were no illegal constructions in it and if there had been any violation, CDA should have given a prior notice before starting operation.


Charges against Interior Minister:

Secretary General PTI and Opposition Leader National Assembly Omar Ayub accused Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi of hatching a conspiracy to carry out an “illegal” operation in the party office.

He stated that PTIs are being unfairly targeted, and they will fight this battle through legal means.

He added that they will demand that the Chairperson of CDA, the IG of Islamabad, appear before the National Assembly’s relevant committee.

Operation by Anti-Encroachment Team:

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) ‘s anti-encroachment team conducted an operation against encroachments at PTI’s head office.

According to details, the team, along with district administration, reached PTI’s head office located in Sector G8/4 and sealed it.

Police officials have deployed heavy machinery outside PTI’s central office. Meanwhile, CDA authorities report that they are demolishing illegal constructions in the offices of political parties.

Authorities are investigating the plot where PTI’s office is established, following reports of its alleged takeover. Significant encroachments, including the construction of additional floors in violation of building bylaws, have occurred on the attached lands.

Investigation Initiated:

An inquiry has been launched to ascertain the ownership status of the plot where PTI’s office stands. This step follows allegations of encroachment and unauthorized construction.

PTI Stance:

PTI officials maintain that their office premises are legitimate and deny any wrongdoing. They assert that the CDA’s actions are unjustified and politically motivated.

Legal Proceedings:

Promising a legal response to what they view as an encroachment on their rights, PTI leaders aren’t backing down. They plan to challenge the operation and demand accountability from the concerned authorities.

Public Reaction:

This event sparked public debates; some people have backed crackdowns on encroachments by the CDA, while others have accused it of singling out political opponents.

Government Response:

According to reports, the government has chosen not to discuss this matter. They claim that it is between the parties involved and appropriate authorities.

The clash between PTI and CDA reflects larger problems in urban governance and land management in the country.This incident emphasizes the importance of applying laws equally and transparently to establish justice and protect public spaces from infringement.

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