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Political Shake-Up: Zartaj Gul Leads with New Deputies


PTI underwent a significant political shift as PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan appointed Zartaj Gul as the new parliamentary leader, replacing Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan. Barrister Gohar Khan also named Zain Qureshi and Ahmed Chattha deputy parliamentary leaders, confirming these changes. Who said they are important for the party’s future?

Appointments of PTI’s New Parliamentary Leadership

Overview of the Changes That Happened RecentlyOne of Pakistan’s leading political parties, PTI, has reshuffled its parliamentary team. Zartaj Gul is now their leader in parliament, while Zain Qureshi and Ahmed Chattha have become deputies. This move aims to solidify PTI’s position in the National Assembly.

The Significance of These Appointments

These appointments hold great significance for our performance at parliaments because, by putting competent people in key positions, we hope to increase our legislative effectiveness and political influence,’ states an official from within Imran Khan’s led party.

Zartaj Gul: The New Parliamentary LeaderBiography & Political Career

Prominent Dera Ghazi Khan-based member of PTI Zartaj Gul has shown herself academically strong but also active on social fronts, where she fights for various rights causes, among others, which have earned her wide recognition even outside politics.

Achievements & Contributions Made By Her So Far As Federal Minister for Climate Change, etc…

She has been instrumental in championing environmental issues such as protecting forests against illegal logging activities, pushing forward women’s empowerment programs such as job creation through craft-making skills training centers, and many more achievements that are too numerous to mention here now.

Zain Qureshi And Ahmed Chattha: Deputy Parliamentary Leaders

Zain Qureshi is the son of former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who brings a wealth of finance and international relations experience. Ahmed Chattha, too, brings his grassroots-level political activism and experience working in different capacities, especially within local government, making them suitable candidates for these posts.

 Deputy Leaders Under Zartaj Gul’s Leadership?

As deputy leaders, their main job descriptions include assisting her in managing parliamentary affairs, coordinating legislative efforts to achieve the party’s manifesto goals, and ensuring effective communication policies.

Confirmation Zartaj Gul By PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan

Statement Issued and Its Implications For The Party Leadership Transition Process Within PTI

Barrister Gohar Khan’s official statement confirms what many already anticipated – that changes will be made within PTI’s leadership in the days ahead. These changes are considered crucial steps to revitalize PTI’s electoral prospects, given the widespread belief that Imran Khan should have been more assertive in leading the party’s National Assembly.

Hamid Raza, head of the Sunni Ittehad Council, played a crucial role during the announcement ceremony, which revealed new office bearers. Such moments require unity among leaders to succeed; otherwise, divisions may arise later, leading to political failure.

Role Expected Of Him When Addressing National Assembly Speaker Regarding Formalizing The Appointment Of PTI Members Into Different Positions Held Therein Currently Vacant Following Recent Resignations?

However, no one has taken over from them so far, so it is necessary to fill those gaps sooner rather than later through this formal process involving the speaker of the National Assembly.


Many political commentators in Pakistan have described the decision to appoint Zartaj Gul as PTI’s parliamentary leader, with deputies Zain Qureshi and Ahmed Chattha, as a game-changer for the party. This move mirrors Imran Khan’s aspiration to bolster his leadership within the National Assembly and improve its parliamentary strategy, cited as one of PTI’s weaknesses. As they take up their new roles, this team will greatly impact where PTI goes.

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