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Peshawar | 5 Terrorists Killed, 2 Young Heroes Lost Lives

Security Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Peshawar Operation

During an intelligence-based operation, safety forces in Pakistan correctly removed five terrorists, although the operation also resulted in the martyrdom of two soldiers.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated that on May 26, safety forces acted on intelligence reports indicating terrorist interest within the Hassan Khel area of Peshawar district. In the ensuing gunfight, the security forces killed five terrorists and wounded three others. The operation highlighted the ongoing efforts of Pakistani safety forces to fight terrorism within the u. S . A ..

Tragically, the operation also noticed the loss of two courageous soldiers. Captain Hussain Jahangir and Havaldar Shafiq Ullah had been martyred in the line of responsibility. Captain Hussain Jahangir came from the Rahim Yar Khan district, while Havaldar Shafiq Ullah hailed from the Karak district. Their sacrifices underscore the high rate paid by safety personnel in the fight against terrorism.

Security Forces’ Unwavering Commitment to Eradicating Terrorism

The ISPR emphasized that the operation to discover and neutralize remaining terrorists in the location is still ongoing. This reflects the unwavering dedication of Pakistan’s security forces to eliminate terrorism. Ensure the safety and safety of the state. The sacrifices of these brave infantrymen serve to strengthen the remedy of the armed forces in their venture to take away terrorist threats.

In addition to the immediate outcomes of the operation. They honored the fallen soldiers in a funeral ceremony held at Peshawar Garrison. The rite was attended by the Peshawar Corps Commander, navy officers, civil officials, civilians, and fellow soldiers. The presence of a broad range of society at the funeral underscored the national recognition and gratitude for the squaddies sacrifices.

After the funeral, they transported the bodies of Captain Hussain Jahangir Shaheed and Havaldar Shafiq Ullah Shaheed to their respective hometowns. There, the dominion may also lay them to relaxation with whole army honors, reflecting a deep appreciation for their last sacrifice.

This incident serves as a sad reminder of the ongoing threats faced by Pakistan. The enduring commitment of its security forces to confront and take away these risks. The dedication and bravery of soldiers like Captain Hussain Jahangir and Havaldar Shafiq Ullah are pivotal in the ongoing war in opposition to terrorism. Reinforcing countrywide protection and balance.

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