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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Pakistan to Launch Multi-Mission Communication Satellite

May 30an has selected May 30 to send its multi-mission communication satellite into space. PAKSAT-MM1 will be launched from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center, representing another stride toward Digital Pakistan. The satellite was made in collaboration with the Chinese aerospace industry to cater to the country’s communication and connectivity needs.

PAKSAT-MM1: A Joint Effort between SUPARCO and China

SUPARCO joined hands with China’s aerospace industry to develop this satellite purposely meant for catering to communication and connectivity. Which are critical components required at the national level within any given country worldwide. Its launch date is May 30. May 30being described as an artificial moon that revolves around our earth since it has a weight equaling 7 kilograms and orbits 500 km above sea level.

Historic Moment for Pakistan’s Space Program

On March 3 March 3s year, we saw Pakistan sending its first-ever satellite called AIOU CubeSat into outer space, which successfully entered Earth orbit, making history not only within the Pakistani context but also globally, considering how such achievements are rare among developing countries like ours, where most people still lack access even primary education let alone electricity or clean drinking water supply systems; however through cooperation between SUPARCO & Chinas aerospace industries were able accomplish what seemed impossible before now.

Pakistan to Launch Multi-Mission Communication Satellite

Satellite Details:

It weighs about seven kilograms while revolving around our planet at an altitude close to five hundred kilometers (500km). Besides set will also be utilized for research purposes besides high-speed Internet services in outlying parts of Pakistan. There have been no official reports indicating any delays or difficulties encountered during its design stage, nor have there been any setbacks experienced thus far, according to statements released by officials working under the ministry responsible for science & technology affairs within the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who were interviewed recently regarding this particular issue.

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