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Highest paid player in Major League Soccer You won’t believe Messi’s pay

Messi’s pay Specifically under his contract with Inter Miami, Lionel Messi earns over $20 million each year making him the highest paid player in Major League Soccer.

Based on data published on Thursday by the MLS Players Association, his gigantic earnings surpasses that of all 25 teams in the league.

Messi’s pay

Inter Miami has one of the largest payrolls in the league, at about $41.7 million. It also pays high salaries to players such as Messi’s pay, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suárez, and Jordi Alba. However, unlike last year, some clubs, especially LA Galaxy and Atlanta, have reduced their wage bills this year.

Messi's pay
The average base salary among senior roster players in the MLS is about $513,075, while total guaranteed compensation is about $594,389. Only 13% of players earn at least $1 million, whereas 26% make less than $100K per annum.

Messi’s pay receives a base salary of $12 million, plus myriad bonuses that add up to a guaranteed compensation of $20,446,667. Nevertheless, union numbers do not capture vast sums such as those received by the Argentine World Cup winner, as Adidas and Apple pay him for endorsements and sponsorship deals. Additionally, his earnings are significantly boosted by other lucrative agreements and partnerships with various global brands.

Lionel Messi is the highest-paid player in Major League Soccer for 2023, earning an astonishing $20.45 million guaranteed1. This salary sets a new precedent in the league, reflecting the value and draw of such a high-profile playe

Lorenzo Insigne was Toronto’s Italian striker who until now held the record for being an all-time top-paying MLS player, seconding only to Messi’s pay, with his Canadian club guaranteeing him an annual income amounting to fifteen point four million dollars. His Spanish teammate Sergio Busquets is Barca’s 35-year-old former midfielder and third-highest earner in Major League Soccer on eight point eight guarantees.

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