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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


May 9: Ishaq Dar’s Firm Stance on State Security & Negotiations


The occasion of May 9 appreciably shook Pakistan’s political panorama. Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar firmly stated that negotiations with those involved in such incidents were now out of the question for the authorities. His firm stance underscores a broader message approximately the authorities’s technique for managing acts in opposition to the state.

Background of the May 9 Incident

On May 9, chaos erupted as protestors attacked crucial countrywide installations, such as the General Headquarters (GHQ) and Jinnah House. The incident was marked by violence and vandalism, which greatly surprised the kingdom and drew global interest. People saw these actions as direct insults to the kingdom’s authority and integrity.

Ishaq Dar’s Stance on Negotiations

Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar articulated clear and company coverage regarding negotiations with the perpetrators of the May nine violence. He declared that the authorities have established clear guidelines for discussions, asserting that they will not interact with anyone who stands against the nation. This stance reflects a broader strategy to preserve law and order by upholding the principle of law without compromise.

Belief in Dialogue and Reconciliation

Despite his firm stance on the May 9 incident, Ishaq Dar reiterated his commitment to communication and reconciliation in politics. He pointed out his role in resolving the 126-day sit-in protest through negotiations, stressing the importance of constructive dialogue for political advancement and stability. Dar’s technique suggests that while negotiation is a vital device, it has limits while kingdom safety is at stake.

Condemnation of the May nine Attacks

The assaults on GHQ, Jinnah House, and different widespread installations have now been condemned not only with the aid of Ishaq Dar but also by the broader political and navy management. Dar’s message changed into clear: there may be no forgiveness for actions that threaten the very foundation of the kingdom.

Support from Core Commanders

The support of the Core Commanders reinforced the unified stance towards the May 9 perpetrators. In a meeting, the navy management expressed perspectives that aligned with the government’s function, reflecting a countrywide consensus on the problem.

Collaborative Efforts with Stakeholders

Ishaq Dar emphasized the importance of working collaboratively with all stakeholders to navigate the aftermath of the May 9 incident. By involving diverse stakeholders, the authorities aim to foster a unified front against individuals who assign the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar’s unwavering stance against negotiations with the perpetrators of the May 9 incident underscores the authorities’ steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting state institutions. This balanced approach positions Pakistan for an extra stable and steady destiny.

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