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Mauritania | Al-Ghazwani Re-elected with 56.12% of Vote


In Nouakchott, Mauritania, the current leader, Mohamed Ould Sheikh El Ghazouani, has been re-elected in the presidential election. He received 56.12% of the votes cast. With this win, he will stay president for another term, showing people’s trust in him.

Candidates and Results

According to the Election Commission’s chief, Dah Abeid got 22.10%. While Hamadi Ould Sidi came third, representing the Tawassoul Islamist party. This means that many Mauritanians prefer Ghazouani. Who did not need a second round because he achieved more than half of all ballots.

Opposition Rejects Outcome

But Biram Dah Abeid, an opposition leader running for president. Has said publicly that he does not accept these results even though they are clear-cut. Abeid’s refusal signals serious political divisions within Mauritania, where there were fears over fairness and transparency during this voting period, with claims raised about possible fraud or other violations.

Political Consequences

This also implies continuity within the country’s politics after Ghazouani was re-elected. Still, rejected results could lead to instability or unrest when people take onto the streets demanding their rights to be heard by the authorities concerned. Which might result in clashes between them. The government should address these fears to maintain peace among its citizens; otherwise, it may cause a problem later on if ignored completely. Therefore, it may be necessary that the ruling party dialogues with its opponents to ensure peaceful coexistence and respectability of the election process’s credibility.

Mauritania’s Outlook

The prosperity of the next years will depend heavily upon how much should be carried forward from what happened during his previous term. There seems more still needs attention, judging by the dissatisfaction shown through protests, mainly against poverty levels. A stagnant economy and a high inflation rate. Therefore, unless there is transparency. Both sides shall continue accusing each other without necessarily finding solutions for stability in the country.

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