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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Master Advanced Scheduling in Threads


Threads, In order to make TweetDeck more exclusive, Elon Musk has renamed it X Pro and made it unavailable to anyone who does not pay a subscription fee each month. This change means that many people who relied on the software for managing their Twitter accounts are now unable to use it, which greatly reduces its usefulness and reach.

Threads Web Version Becomes More Useful

In response, Meta has enhanced the web version of its social media platform, Threads, making it more useful and feature-rich for users. This update aims to fill the gap left by TweetDeck’s restricted access.

Meta Introduces TweetDeck-like Feature

Meta has presented a new feature inside Strings that intently looks like TweetDeck’s usefulness. This move is expected to give clients a useful asset for dealing with their online entertainment exercises without causing extra expenses.

Initial Reports of Feature Testing Threads

In early May, various reports emerged about the testing of this new feature. These reports highlighted Meta’s efforts to develop a robust alternative to TweetDeck. After thorough testing and refinement, Meta has now made this feature available to all Threads users.

Users Dub the Feature ‘ThreadsDeck’

Although Meta has not officially named this new feature, users have affectionately started calling it ThreadsDeck. This nickname reflects its similarity to TweetDeck and the value it adds to the Threads platform.

Pinning Feeds with ThreadsDeck

With ThreadsDeck, users can pin up to 100 different feeds to their Threads homepage. These feeds are displayed in a column format, allowing users to easily monitor multiple streams of content simultaneously.

Automatic Updates of Columns

One key advantage of ThreadsDeck is that all columns update automatically. This ensures that users can quickly and easily access the latest posts without having to refresh their feeds manually.

Access to X Pro Limited to Paying Users

It’s important to note that the original TweetDeck, now rebranded as X Pro, is only accessible to users who subscribe and pay a monthly fee. This has created a demand for a free alternative, which Meta aims to meet with ThreadsDeck.

Meta’s Expectations for Attracting X Users

Meta anticipates that this new feature will attract former TweetDeck users, especially those who are reluctant to pay for X Pro. By offering similar functionality for free, Meta hopes to increase Threads’ user base and capture a segment of Twitter’s audience.

Enhancing Threads for Real-Time Information

The introduction of ThreadsDeck also signals Meta’s broader strategy to position Threads as a reliable source of real-time information. This feature, along with others previously introduced, aims to enhance the overall user experience and utility of Threads.

Master Advanced Scheduling in Threads

Previous Feature Introductions

Before the introduction of ThreadsDeck, Meta had already rolled out several features designed to improve the Threads platform. These included a Recent tab for the latest posts and trending topics in search, which helped users stay informed about current events and popular discussions.

Tracking Updates Across Multiple Feeds of Threads

The ability to track updates across multiple feeds simultaneously is particularly valuable for users who need to stay on top of various content streams. Whether for personal interest or professional purposes, ThreadsDeck makes it easier to manage and monitor social media activity efficiently.

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