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Maryam Nawaz Cuts Bread Prices, Air Ambulance Launch


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has announced a further discount on bread expenses across the province. A hundred-gram loaf of bread will be to be had for 12 to 14 rupees. Additionally, the Chief Minister has set a June closing date for launching an air ambulance service.

New Initiatives for Public Welfare Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz also approved the initiation of a CPR training program for students. She emphasized that public welfare is her top priority. She stated, “Being a Chief Minister is not easy; it’s akin to the labor of grinding grain. Upon taking office, it became evident that we were significantly behind in meeting the basic needs of our citizens. It pains me to see the underprivileged suffer. But I enjoy serving the public and go home every evening filled with joy.”

Details of the Price Reduction

To pass on the benefit of reduced flour prices to the public.The Punjab government has further lowered the price of plain bread to 14 rupees. In her announcement on social media platform X, Maryam Nawaz shared the notification detailing the price reduction. She mentioned that the bread prices in various cities have been set between 12 and 14 rupees, with plain bread in Lahore priced at 14 rupees. The new prices take effect today.

Addressing Past Government Policies

In her message, Maryam Nawaz expressed remorse that the rules of the previous authorities led by using Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had made bread unaffordable for the negative. Earlier, she chaired a special meeting where she directed that the air ambulance service be operational by June. This service will be used to transport patients in emergencies from remote areas.

Collaboration with the Asian Development Bank

Maryam Nawaz also met with a delegation from the Asian Development Bank, wherein they agreed to collaborate on improvement and welfare tasks in Punjab. She discussed ongoing work in health, education, infrastructure, and information technology sectors, emphasizing efforts to stabilize prices and control inflation. She praised former Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif for taking Punjab to new heights of development, noting that the recent past had been less progressive. Criticized the previous administration for cruelly ending the free medicine program.

Focus on Revenue Generation Maryam Nawaz 

Maryam Nawaz highlighted the focus on revenue generation, aiming to expand the tax network rather than increasing taxes. She emphasized the need for a substantial budget to support the welfare of 130 million people. Under the low-cost housing scheme, ordinary citizens will have access to their own homes.

Support from the Asian Development Bank

Kiko Takahashi, the Asian Development Bank’s representative for Japan, assured full support for Punjab’s development journey. Mosumi Marufi Khan, the ADB’s representative for the USA, expressed her eagerness to see Punjab, appreciating the security and other arrangements. She conveyed a sense of optimism about real change under Maryam Nawaz leadership, noting that as a woman, she could better understand and address public issues.

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