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Margalla Mountains Inferno: 3 Arrested, 15 Cases Filed


Margalla Mountains Inferno: A minimum of 80 personnel from the CDA fire department is involved in fighting flames, said a CDA spokesman, establishing that many squads have already reached the spot for their immediate extinguishment while adding further that additional teams have been sent to put off the fire breakout as soon as possible. The Director General Environment is overseeing the operation under the supervision of CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

The Assistant Commissioner, as per the directives of the CDA Chairman and Chief Commissioner, is present at the scene. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon is also overseeing the firefighting efforts. Strong winds and intense heat are attributed to challenges in controlling the fire.

Subsequently, three individuals suspected of starting the fire in the Margalla Hills were apprehended. They were captured by the cleaner’ vehicle. The arrested individuals have been handed over to the police.

Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa affirmed this progress in a statement on the social communication website ‘X’. He assured that all responsible parties would be held accountable and affirmed the commitment to protecting the scenic Margalla Hills.

Margalla Mountains Inferno

Deputy Commissioner Irfan Memon referred to that precautionary measures have been followed to comprise the Margalla Mountains inferno inside residential areas. Firefighters and helicopters are worried in firefighting operations. The depth of the warmth and rapid winds have facilitated the spread of the fire.

Investigations against the arrested individuals are underway. Previously, 15 individuals have been charged in relation to the fire incident. More detentions are anticipated within the next several days; therefore, locals are urged to notify authorities about any person acting strangely.

On May 28th, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered officials to adopt a plan of action for the discovery and rehabilitation of fire-stricken areas and the medical treatment of injured animals.

Two major fires erupted at Margalla Hills on May 27. which were put out by firefighters with the help of helicopters after seven hours. Earlier, on May 18, another jungle fire broke out in Margalla Hills. It could not be immediately identified what caused it. However, CDA authorities stated that near the Loi Dandi area, the fire erupted due to intense heat and later spread to a three-kilometer area due to fast winds.

Authorities noted that this was the first fire to occur in the forest during the current season. The fire apparently ignited due to severe heat and engulfed Loi Dandi, Ratta Hotar, and surrounding forests.

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