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Mahira Khan’s | Viral Moments with Young Model Hiba Ali

In Balochistan’s capital, Quetta, Pakistan’s emerging fashion model Hiba Ali was seen in viral videos with the renowned actress Mahira Khan. The two-minute video touched many audiences because it showed a genuine interaction between the established actress and an aspiring child model.

Pakistan Literature Festival with Mahira Khan

The Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP) recently held its Pakistan Literature Festival (PLF) at Quetta, which Mahira Khan graced as a guest this year. This festival brought together authors, literary figures, artists, and fans nationwide to celebrate their diverse cultural heritage. Her attendance made the event more glamorous and lively, attracting huge media publicity.

Touring Quetta

After that meeting, she decided to see different parts of Quetta. This meant so much to her neighbours, who were happy to glimpse their national icon. Mahira went on a tour to appreciate various historical sites, local markets, and important landmarks within the city’s borders.

Heartwarming Visit with Hiba Ali

While in Quetta, Mahira Khan met Hiba Ali at a brand-name clothing franchise. Their brief meeting was filled with love and care, which attracted onlookers’ attention and instantly went viral on social media platforms.

The Viral Videos

In the short viral videos, Mahira Khan holds and affectionately interacts with young fashion model and influencer Hiba Ali. The videos, shared widely across social media platforms, show Mahira lifting Hiba, smiling, and engaging in a playful conversation with the young model. These moments of genuine affection resonated with viewers, leading to an outpouring of positive comments and admiration for Mahira and Hiba.

Viewer Comments and Praise

After the videos of Mahira Khan showing affection to the young model went viral, viewers made interesting comments and praised the actress. Many people admired Mahira’s kind and loving demeanour, highlighting how her interaction with Hiba showcased her compassionate nature. Some commenters noted that if Mahira had a daughter, she would look just like the young model, emphasizing the visual and emotional connection between the two.

Hiba Ali’s Growing Popularity

Hiba Ali’s social media is run by her mother, and the young model often uploads videos and photos of children’s clothing. Her viral videos with Mahira Khan boosted Hiba’s popularity, which attracted new followers. Fans are mesmerized by her adorably posed pictures.

Labeling Hiba Ali as a Fan21

After the young model’s videos went viral, some social media pages even labelled the child as a fan of the actress. This label further enhanced the narrative of a special bond between Mahira Khan and Hiba Ali. Endearing them to a broader audience. The depiction of Hiba as a devoted fan added a layer of sweetness to the viral story, making it even more appealing to the public.

Impact on Hiba Ali’s Career

The newfound attention has positively impacted Hiba Ali’s career as a young model. With increased visibility and a growing fan base, Hiba will likely receive more opportunities in the fashion industry. Brands and designers may see her as an appealing choice for children’s fashion campaigns, capitalizing on her rising popularity and heartwarming connection with Mahira Khan.

Promoting Cultural and Social Bonds

The viral videos of Mahira Khan and Hiba Ali go beyond mere entertainment; they highlight the importance of cultural and social bonds in Pakistan. Mahira’s interaction with Hiba reminds us of the positive impact celebrities can have on their fans, especially young admirers. It also underscores the role of social media in bridging gaps and fostering connections across different regions and age groups.

Celebrating Talent Across Generations

This encounter also celebrates the emergence of new talent in Pakistan. Hiba Ali represents the next generation of models and influencers, while Mahira Khan remains a role model for aspiring artists. Their meeting symbolizes the continuity of creativity and talent across generations, inspiring many young individuals to pursue their dreams.


Mahira Khan viral videos with young fashion model Hiba Ali in Quetta have captured the hearts of many. It is a warm and affectionate encounter between a popular actress and an upcoming one. The positive public response shows how strong authentic human relationships are. Stories that touch the heart can be amplified through social media. Even as Hiba Ali’s fame continues to rise, fans and followers will remember her meeting with Mahira Khan as a memorable and uplifting occasion.

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