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Lt Gen Nigar Johar Wins Bint-e-Hawa Achievement Award


During a ceremony held on Wednesday in Peshawar. The Bint-e-Hawa Forum (BHF) celebrated Lieutenant General Nigar Johar. A distinguished figure in the military, with the esteemed Bint-e-Hawa Achievement Award 2024. The BHF recognized empowered women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by giving 35 awards in 10 categories to honor those . Who made great contributions in different fields.

Healthcare and Social Work Lt Gen Nigar Johar

Many awards were provided in the field of Healthcare and Social Work. Such as those given to Dr. Tahira Nashtar, Dr. Nazli, Husna Zahoor, and Mrs. Mahwish Ali Khan, which recognized their commitment towards enhancing community health as well as overall welfare.

Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development

Qurat-ul-Ain, Fungis Azim, Sadra Farooqi, and Saima Mahboob have made great contributions to women’s empowerment . And entrepreneurship development, which have fostered creativity among numerous upcoming leaders.

Celebrating Sporting Achievements 

Salma Marwat, Mahnoor Ali, Hadi Kamal, and Hasna were celebrated for their remarkable sports achievements, serving as role models for aspiring athletes nationwide.

Recognizing Excellence in Journalism and Freelancing

Mina Shams, Nadia Sabohi, Muskan Saffi, Wagmah Feroze, and Khadija Niaz received honors for their contributions to journalism and freelancing. Demonstrating the power of storytelling and media advocacy.

Contributions to Education and Literature Lt Gen Nigar Johar

Dr. Shahida Sardar, Malghalara Bakhtiar, and Mrs. Bushra Ahmed acknowledged significant contributions to education and literature, shaping the minds and aspirations of future generations.

The ceremony served as a platform to highlight the remarkable achievements and participation of women across diverse fields, setting a precedent for excellence and inclusivity.

Alam Zeb, the CEO of BHF, reiterated the organization’s commitment to nurturing youth talents and fostering an environment of innovation . And progress, ensuring a legacy of empowerment for generations to come.

Vision for the Future

Alam Zeb, the CEO of BHF, shared his vision for the future, emphasizing the enterprise’s commitment to empowering young capabilities, fostering an environment of innovation and progress. And ensuring that the legacy of excellence and empowerment continues for generations to come.

In conclusion, the Bint-e-Hawa Achievement Award 2024 not only celebrated the splendid achievements of women but also stimulated others to strive for excellence. And contribute positively to society. The popularity of those splendid people serves as a beacon of hope and a source of motivation for future generations.

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