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Kyrgyzstan Situation: Crisis Unit for Pakistanis Active

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry Sets up a Crisis Management Unit for the People of Kyrgyzstan Situation.

Islamabad: The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has established an Emergency Management Unit (EMU) following the situation in Kyrgyzstan and provided contact numbers to help Pakistani citizens and students living there.

Crisis management unit activated.

The Office of Foreign Affairs is ordering all personnel in its jurisdiction to set up a crisis management unit to handle the situation in Kyrgyzstan.

Help for Pakistani Citizens and Students

A press officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised that any affected Pakistani citizen and their dependents should contact CMU. Furthermore, emails can be sent to the Crisis Management Cell.

Telephone Contacts for Pakistanis in Kyrgyzstan Situation

If you are a Pakistani or studying in Kyrgyzstan, you can utilize the telephone contacts below: 051-9203108 and 051-920309.

The Safety of Pakistanis Ensured‎: Kyrgyzstan Situation

Kyrgyzstan’s government and we are in dialogue about safety concerning our citizens, according to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

Assurances from the Authorities of Kyrgyzstan

The spokesperson mentioned that authorities have apologized for fights involving foreigners, including those from Pakistan, and promised investigations as well as prosecutions where necessary.

Support From The Ambassador Of Pakistan

Ambassador Hassan Ali, based in Bishkek, maintains regular contact with his counterparts. In this respect, the Kirgiz Health Ministry extended medical assistance to four Pakistani nationals, who were subsequently discharged. One person still suffers jaw damage.

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