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Karachi Safe City Project Launched by Sindh Home Minister


Karachi: Sindh Home Minister Zia-ul-Hassan Lanjhar has directed the spark-off release of the Karachi Safe City Project, emphasizing its essential need for the city.

During his visit to the workplace of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), Provincial Home Minister Zia-ul-Hassan Lanjhar presided over a meeting wherein a take-a-look at 1 billion rupees became issued for the first section of the challenge.

Aims and Objectives

Addressing the meeting, Zia-ul-Hassan Lanjhar said that the primary segment of the Safe City Project has to be completed within three hundred and sixty-five days. The primary goal and goal of this task is the eradication of crime and the confident apprehension of criminals.

He similarly cited that they could extend the task to other towns in Sindh following Karachi. The Sindh government has allocated 3 billion rupees for the undertaking.

Project Briefing

The Director General of the Safe City Project, Asif Ijaz Sheikh, supplied a briefing throughout the meeting.

Last week, the Sindh authorities launched four billion rupees for the Safe City Authority Project.

Details of the First Phase

DG Safe City Asif Ijaz Sheikh explained that they would install 1,300 smart cameras in the first phase of the project. These cameras will be placed in the Red Zone and the airport corridor.

According to DG Asif Ijaz, they will install 1,044 new cameras and upgrade 256 existing ones out of the 1,300 cameras. Additionally, they will install 300 Safe City poles in the first phase

Distribution of Safe City Poles

The distribution of these poles will be as follows:

  • 212 poles in the South
  • 26 poles in the City area
  • 37 poles in the East
  • 21 poles in Malir
  • Four poles in Korangi

Financial Details

He stated that the accredited cost for the first section of the Safe City Project is 6,621 million rupees. In comparison, the fee under the settlement with the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) is 5,638 million rupees.

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