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Kajol’s ‘Sholay’ | (1975) Voted Most Loved Bollywood Film

Bollywood, the Indian film industry, is a solid example of what creative media can be. One of the most famous actresses there, Kajol, has won over millions with her talent and natural charm. Recently, she took to Instagram, where she shared some details about her favorite movies. Let’s discuss each of them!

Kajol’s soft spot for “Sholay”

You can’t forget or imitate 1975’s Ramesh Sippy-directed Indian film Sholay. The movie centers on two crooks who are appointed to detain another outlaw gang.

Impact of the Movie on India

“Sholay” didn’t just change how Indian cinema was perceived; it also revolutionized the industry itself—these contributions are immeasurable! Some dialogues became so popular that people still use them now, like “kitne aadmi they?” which means ‘how many men?’ Another reason why this film became timeless is that actors such as Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra gave outstanding performances that remain unbeaten to this day.

Why does Kajol love Sholay so much?

The actress loves everything about Sholay, from its storyline to its characters—all were unforgettable for her. Also, according to Kajal, when it comes down to direction skills shown throughout this particular picture… masterful doesn’t even begin to describe what Ramesh Sippy achieved here!

English Films that have captured Kajol’s heart: The Sound Of Music

We realize that Kajal mainly acts in Hindi motion pictures, yet there’s more to her acting profession. She likewise appreciates watching English-language movies, such as “The Sound of Music,” coordinated by Robert Wise in 1965.

What makes The Sound Of Music enchanting?

“The Sound Of Music” was set in beautiful Austria, where viewers could get lost in its wonderful landscapes while following along an equally enchanting story about the Von Trapp family, whom we all grew up knowing so well.

What does Kajol love most about The Sound Of Music?

This movie has been around for over half a century now. Yet, somehow, people still find themselves watching this particular musical drama time and time again, just like our favorite songs never get old. According to Kajal, she loves Maria Von Trapp, played by Julie Andrews, because not only is she strong but also a kind-hearted person who goes through a lot but always remains brave in the end!

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