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Join the Trader-Friendly Scheme: Your Role in Success


During a press conference after Lahore’s merchant organizations assembled at the FBR Regional Tax Office, Na’im Mir, the Coordinator of the Trader-Friendly Scheme, said that making the registration drive successful is a national duty.

Join Input

It is a collective effort that will make this scheme work, as per Na’im Mir. Traders should not see it as a government initiative alone; they also have to take part alongside revenue authorities and civil society in its realization.

Join Simple Procedures That Enhance Compliance

Due to the simplified rules introduced in this program, more traders are expected to follow tax regulations. The scheme seeks to remove any obstacles that might have discouraged them from registering by making things easier.

Closing Gaps Through Dialogue

According to Mir, continuous consultation with merchant organizations is necessary to address various implementation problems they face with such schemes. Decision-making should involve different stakeholders to foster communication links and ownership awareness among business people.

Promoting Openness And Answerability

Clear channels of information sharing during the tax payment process must ensure transparency between revenue collectors and traders. Mr. Mir promised this and added that levies would be monitored closely and proper mechanisms put in place, thus creating favorable conditions for enterprise growth.

Available Support Infrastructure

Service centers, together with offices located at regional hubs, will offer much-needed backing to traders who require help on how best they can utilize these policies.In other words, personalized support can further increase the accessibility-based approach to setting up service centers in convenient regions where advisors can provide more specific advice on areas related to taxation under the program.

A Plea For Action

Mir finishes his speech by urging all business persons involved in commercial activities, whether big or small, across Pakistan’s provinces, including the Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) region, to not only participate passively but actively register, thereby contributing to economic progress and nation-building, peace, and prosperity in general.

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