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Iranian President Body Found in Rubble | Red Crescent


Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s Body Recovered After Helicopter Crash

Tehran: The frame of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who tragically died in a helicopter crash, has been recovered.

The Iranian Red Crescent showed the recovery of President Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian’s bodies from the helicopter wreckages. The Red Crescent added that similar techniques would transport the remains to Tabriz.

Details of the Helicopter Crash

President Ibrahim Raisi changed into returning to Tabriz after inaugurating a dam. This giant event also included the participation of the president of Azerbaijani.

The ill-fated helicopter carried several high-profile officials, including President Raisi, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Governor of East Azerbaijan Malik Rahmati, and a consultant of the Iranian Supreme Leader.

Crash Site and Adverse Weather Conditions

The helicopter crashed in the Dizmar forest, between the Ozi district and Pir Davood’s metropolis. Many attributed the crash to extreme weather conditions, including dense fog and heavy rain, which considerably impaired visibility and flight protection.

Media Reports on the Incident

Media reports indicate that extreme weather was the leading cause of the coincidence. Half an hour into the flight, the helicopter lost a verbal exchange with different accompanying helicopters and ultimately crashed. The lack of touch became an early indicator of the ensuing disaster.

Impact and Aftermath

The tragic twist of fate has despatched shockwaves via Iran, leading mainly to national mourning. The lack of President Raisi and different key officials is a giant blow to the country. According to Iranian officers, a few of our bodies were so severely burned that they were past reputation, adding to the tragedy’s emotional toll.

Response from Iranian Authorities

In the wake of the crash, the Iranian government launched a thorough investigation to determine the precise cause and prevent destiny occurrences. The Iranian Red Crescent’s swift reaction in recuperating the bodies underscores the urgency and gravity of the scenario.

International and Domestic Reactions

The worldwide network has expressed condolences and harmony with Iran for this challenging time. Domestically, the incident has sparked a wave of grief and requires stepped-forward safety measures in unfavorable climate situations.

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