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Iran | Police action on satanic gathering, 35 arrested


In Iran, the regulation enforcement government has carried out a widespread operation towards what they’ve defined as a satanic gathering, leading to the arrest of 35 people. The raid occurred inside the city of Dezful, positioned in the Khuzestan province. Among the ones apprehended were 31 guys and four ladies. Authorities have now handed these people over to the judicial government for similar legal complaints.

Ruhollah, the police chief of Dezful, emphasized the strict enforcement of laws prohibiting such gatherings in Iran. He stated that authorities swiftly and decisively act against any activities deemed to violate the country’s legal and moral codes. This recent operation underscores the ongoing vigilance and proactive measures taken by Iranian law enforcement to uphold these standards.

The problem of satanic gatherings is taken very seriously in Iran, where the government keeps stringent controls over sports it deems to be in warfare with Islamic values and societal norms. Ruhollah reiterated that gatherings of this nature are considered unlawful and are difficulty to immediate intervention by the government.

Recent Crackdown in Dezful Part of Broader Effort Against Illegal Gatherings

This recent crackdown in Dezful is not an isolated incident. In a similar operation in May. Iranian police arrested over 250 individuals in the capital city of Tehran on comparable charges. Among those detained in Tehran were three European nationals, highlighting the extensive scope of the authorities’ actions against such gatherings. These raids reflect the government’s broader efforts to monitor. This broader approach aims to maintain social order, prevent the spread of sports viewed as undermining the ethical fabric of society. And regulate activities perceived as threats to public morality and national security.

The arrests in Tehran and Dezful signal a persistent and sturdy approach by Iranian regulation enforcement to identify and dismantle businesses involved in practices that are visible as contrary to the United States of America’s laws and cultural values. This broader approach aims to maintain social order and prevent the spread of sports viewed as undermining the ethical fabric of society.

Overall, the Iranian authorities‘ operations against these gatherings are indicative of their commitment to enforcing legal and moral codes. This commitment involves regular surveillance. Rapid response to potential violations and a judicial process aimed at addressing and deterring such activities. The recent arrests serve as a clear message of the state’s stance on maintaining cultural. And religious integrity in the face of activities deemed inappropriate or illegal.

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