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iOS 17.5 iPhone Bug: Old Deleted Photos Resurface


California: The latest update for iPhone users, iOS 17.5, has reportedly introduced a bug causing some users’ years-old deleted photos to reappear.

Users Report Old Photos Reappearing iOS 17.5

Affected iPhone users discussed the bug on the Reddit social media platform, noting that after the iOS 17.5 update (released on Monday), many photos deleted years ago were found again in the Photos app.

User Experiences with the Bug

One user mentioned that when they opened the Photos app to send a picture to a friend, they found several photos among the recent ones that had been deleted years ago. They also noticed these photos were present on their iPads.

Another user wrote that four photos from 2010 reappeared in their latest iCloud update. They had deleted these photos multiple times.

Possible Cause: Changes in the Photos App
Some users speculate that changes made to the Photos app in iOS 17.5 may have necessitated re-indexing the photo libraries.

iOS 17.5

Apple has Yet to Respond.

Numerous reports and online discussions have been held about this matter; nevertheless, Apple has yet to make an official statement. Individuals eagerly await remedies, enabling the tech titan to fix the glitch quickly.

Temporary Solutions Suggested by Users

Some users have suggested temporary fixes, such as manually deleting the reappeared photos again or restoring the device to factory settings. However, these solutions could be better and may result in data loss.

Precautions to TakeĀ  iOS 17.5

Until a permanent solution is provided, users are advised to back up their photos and other important data regularly. This can be done through iCloud or other backup services to ensure no data is permanently lost if the bug causes further issues.

iOS Bugs in Historical Context

This is not the first time an iOS update has caused unexpected issues. Similar cases have occurred, such as battery draining, connectivity problems, and app crashes. Nevertheless, Apple usually promptly responds with fixes, reassuring its users about its commitment to providing a reliable, smooth user experience.

The iOS 17.5 update on iPhones brought about an unexpected problem: old deleted photos reappear in the Photos app. Even though the exact cause is unknown, one would hope Apple will address it soon enough. Meanwhile, making regular backups and being aware of likely remedies may help reduce the effect of this bug.

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