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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Instagram Introduces New View Once Feature Latest Updates

Instagram Unveils New Feature “Pek”

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has introduced a new feature called “Pek.” This allows users to post unedited photos that will disappear once viewed, similar to WhatsApp’s “View Once feature. However, there’s a twist with “Pek, here is everything you need to know about it.

Snapchat And BeReal Inspired It

Other popular social media platforms have influenced Instagram’s “Pek concept. Snapchat first introduced vanishing content, where photos and messages disappear after they are seen. Meanwhile, BeReal prompts users to share real-time, unfiltered photographs without using editing tools or filters. Combining these aspects is what Instagram’s “Pek does best—letting people share genuine moments that vanish when someone sees them.

What Makes “Pek” Unique?

“Pek photos vanish as soon as viewers finish looking at them, unlike Instagram Stories, which remain visible for 24 hours. This generates an immediate need and feeling of exclusivity because recipients only have one opportunity to view content before it disappears. Another notable difference is that users cannot upload pictures from their gallery or apply filters through Peking; they must be taken and shared instantly to be as authentic and unfiltered as possible.Testing Phase & Availability

Instagram is internally testing this feature, and Instant Gram is internally testing this feature and publicly releasing it in the app’s stories section. This testing phase is vital in identifying potential problems and refining the feature based on user feedback before a broader rollout.



The Idea Behind “Pek”

With Pek, Instagram aims to get users to share more spontaneous, authentic moments with their friends and families. By restricting photo manipulation through editing or staging processes, the platform wants to create an environment where honest communication can occur. This approach reflects more significant movements towards truthfulness within social media, as individuals crave genuine connections without filters.

Potential For Changing The Social Media Landscape

Adding “Pek will bring a new dimension to Instagram, which could attract users who value the element of surprise and the unfiltered nature of BeReal. It also positions Instagram as a strong competitor against Snapchat by providing similar functionalities, such as disappearing posts. Pek could significantly affect how people interact on this platform, setting new standards for sharing immediate ephemeral content.

What’s Next?

Since it is still being developed, there are no specific dates when all IG users can access Peking. However, the hype surrounding its release suggests that many people will find it helpful once they can start doing so. Stay tuned! Get ready to Peek your real-time, unedited moments away with friends and followers soon…

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