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How to Get Polio Certificate in Pakistan: A Complete Guide


Some synonyms can be used to explain how essential the polio vaccine is. It prevents poliovirus, which may lead to paralysis as well as other severe health problems. In Pakistan, a state engaged in eliminating this disease, possession of such a certificate becomes necessary not only for health but also as an obligatory travel paper in several countries of destination. This is a guideline for obtaining a polio certificate in Pakistan:

How to Get Polio Certificate in Pakistan

Here are steps you can follow to get a polio certificate in Pakistan:

  1. Visit Local Health Facility: Visit a government hospital or clinic near you or any vaccination center authorized for this purpose. Most of these places have provisions for issuing polio certificates, especially in areas with active travel restrictions.
  2. Vaccination Record: Make sure that the person for whom you need certificate has received all required doses of polio vaccine. Completing the Polio Immunization Schedule as per the National Immunization Program Pakistan is normally expected.
  3. Documentation Required: Carry identification documents like a CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) for adults or a B-Form (Child Registration Certificate) for children, along with previous vaccination records or cards indicating vaccination status.
  4. Ask For Certificate: Tell health staff that you require a polio certificate because you intend to travel. This becomes very necessary when traveling abroad since some countries demand proof of immunization against this disease at the point of entry.
  5. Certificate Issuance: A health facility will issue a polio certificate after confirming immunization status and verifying identity. Sometimes they may charge little money for providing such certificates.
  6. International Travel: If it’s an international journey, ensure that the certificate is issued according to the destination country’s requirements. Some states may ask for certificates issued close to the date of departure.

To avoid violating prevailing regulations, one should cross-check current guidelines from official government websites related to recent demands or advisories regarding polio vaccination during travel.

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