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How to Check Zong Number: Simple and Step-by-Step Guide

  • If you cannot recall your Zong number, dial * 8 # or dial * 100 # to check it.
  • Another way is to send a message to 667 with the word MNP.
  • For your mobile sim number, call Zong’s 4G helpline.

Most of the time, if people need to remember their phone numbers, they can check their Zong numbers through various methods; therefore, this article will guide you on how to check your Zong number should you be one of those who easily forget such things.

There are several ways people who lose their Zong phone numbers can check their numbers. This article will discuss these methods, which is why some of you may need it.

The company is found nationwide, and many prefer ZONG over other service providers because of its extensive coverage. It operates under CMPak Limited (China Mobile Pakistan Limited).

Zong began operations in Pakistan in 2008 through the acquisition of Millicom. Now, it is ranked as Pakistan’s top mobile network operator, offering its users 4G services.

Zong covers almost all of Pakistan with its 4G service. Some months ago, ZONG tried out 5G technology in the country. The outcome was excellent, and given their capacities, they could be the first mobile company operating within the country to implement this innovation.

Different Ways To Check Zong Number

Do not worry if you do not know how to check the number of zongs. This article helps you find your cell phone number:

  • 1st Method

You can use this method to Find out the Zong number:

  • Open your mobile phone dialer.
  • Dial *8# from your mobile phone dialer.
  • Your Zong number will appear on your mobile screen.
  • This method does not require a balance. If this code does not work, try Dialing *2#.

2nd Method

Follow these steps if you want another method to find your number:

  • Open your mobile phone dialer.
  • Dial *100# from your mobile phone dialer.
  • Your Zong number will appear on your screen.

3rd Method

This method is helpful if you want to know your carrier number. The following are the steps:

  • Open messages app.
  • Type MNP and send a message to 667.

This SMS has all the details, including the SIM owner’s name, CNIC number, and address. It is a simple way to check the SIM number for all mobile networks.

4th Method To Check Zong Number

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) provides an online system for users to check their number. If you want to check all the details about your carrier, then open the PTA official website:

All information regarding your phone number will appear on your screen.

5th Method:

Another method is to call the Zong helpline. You can call from your mobile phone at 310, and they will provide all information, such as the SIM owner’s registered address and Zong Sim no, etc.

These are a few ways to check a Zong SIM number. Methods 1 and 2 are specifically meant for Zong SIM users. Method 4 allows customers to verify their details, including CNIC, Name, and Address. The activation date of this number can also be checked. Like other methods, give some input regarding these fields. Write down your CNIC Number and get all the details using this method.

This article will assist all Zong customers who are having trouble memorizing their mobile numbers. If you want to know everything about your provider, you can use the above methods.

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