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How to Check High Court Case Status Online in Pakistan


With the digital services provided by the courts, people in Pakistan now have an easier time checking the status of a high court case online. This article will explain how to check high court case status online including what you want and where to go.

How to Check High Court Case Status Online: A Complete Guide

1. Identify the Relevant High Court

Pakistan has several high courts, each serving different provinces and regions. Before proceeding, ensure you know which high court your case is being heard in. The primary high courts in Pakistan are:

If you want to access the website of the concerned superior court, select “case information” or “status of case” from the menu. This is typically at the top of the main page, although it might also appear under “services” or “case status” in a drop-down list there.

3. Visit the Official Website

Each high court has an official website where you can find case status information. Here are the links to the official websites of the high courts:

4. Enter Case Details

To check the status of your case, you will need specific details. These typically include:

  • Case Number
  • Case Year
  • Party Name (optional)
  • Advocate Name (optional)

Ensure you have these details handy before proceeding.

5. Submit the Information

Enter the required details into the search form and submit the information. The website will process your request and display the current status of your case. This status may include information on the next hearing date, case history, and other relevant details.

Additional Resources and Tips

1. Mobile Applications

Some high courts have developed mobile applications that allow you to check the case status directly from your smartphone. Check the relevant high court’s website for any available apps.

2. SMS Services

Certain high courts offer SMS services for case status updates. You can subscribe to these services to receive real-time updates on your case.

3. Court Helplines

If you are having trouble checking the status of your case online, you can call the helpline number provided by the court for support. The details on how to connect with them are usually given on the official website of that particular high court.

4. User Guides

Most high court websites provide user guides to help you navigate the online case status system. Review these resources if you encounter any issues.

How to Check High Court Case Status Online Pakistan online is very easy if you go step by step as stated above. By using correct case particulars on the official high court website and other means like mobile apps or SMS service, etc., one can stay updated about their case status easily through digitalization, which has made this process much more transparent as well as efficient for litigants to follow up with their cases under a judicial system that improves transparency and efficiency within judiciary thereby making it easier for people to know what is happening in their own cases while they are still pending before any bench of justice.

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