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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


How the Nile River Helped Build Egypt Pyramids


Scientists believe they have discovered one of the most intricate puzzles concerning the building of the Egyptian pyramids, specifically how 31 tall structures, including Giza, were built around four thousand years ago.

Role of Nile’s Ancient Branch Egypt

This research team has come up with findings to the effect that Pyramids located in Egypt were most likely built at a place, which was an earlier branch of the Nile River now covered by sand and farmland.

Theories and Recent Findings in History

For many years, archaeologists thought that huge stones used for pyramid construction were transported through a nearby waterway. Yet no concrete information was available regarding its location, shape, size, or proximity to the pyramids.

Research Methodology Egypt

To solve this puzzle, some researchers employed satellite images from radars, historical maps, geographical surveys . And sediment coring – a technique used by archeologists to collect samples as evidence.

Aim of the Study

According to them, it was necessary to trace an ancient branch of the Nile that disappeared after thousands of years due to sandstorms following droughts.

Radar Technology Insights

The team employed radar technology to capture images beneath the surface sands, showing that remnants of rivers and ancient constructions lay below most pyramid sites.

Expert Confirmations

Dr. Suzanne O., one of those who participated in this survey, said that finding out about such a river branch and confirming its presence helped them understand more about how these pyramids came into existence.

Description of the Nile Branches

The study indicated that a branch called “Khufu” by locals extended up to 64 km long . And had widths ranging between 200m and 700m. This branch ran along thirty-one buildings constructed between 3700 and 4700 BC.

Implications of Findings Egypt

The Sahara Desert contains numerous pyramids because there is a buried river here. Which explains why there are so many pyramids in this particular location now, with very few signs of current life.

Ancient Building Techniques

The research concluded that the Nile branch was flowing during the construction of the pyramids. Ancient Egyptians could exploit the river’s power to move large stones and reduce labor.

Value of Nile River

For ancient Egypt, the River Nile was like a lifeline. And it is still essential t even today.This summary highlights the main points mentioned in an original Urdu article regarding recent discoveries about how Egyptian Pyramids were built and the role played by a specific ancient branch of the Nile River in their construction.

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