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Heatwave Forces Punjab Schools to Close from May 25

Stay informed about the heatwave in Punjab and its impact. Get updates, tips, and resources to stay safe and protect yourself from extreme heat. Heatwave Forces Punjab Express has given a notice that mid-year get-always in all government and private schools will begin on May 25 as opposed to June 1 due to serious heatwaves in the locale, Heatwave Forces Punjab, which can act as well-being perils for understudies and staff.

Background Information

Until now, the Punjab School Education Department announced the summer holidays to last from June 1 to August 14. However, due to the sudden rise in temperature and heat wave warning signals this year, they have been shortened.

New Notification Details

According to an official statement issued late Sunday night, all public sector schools will go on vacation starting May 25. The decision was taken in view of the extreme weather conditions prevailing in the province.

Examination Policies and Protective Measures

Il a également décrit des mesures de sécurité supplémentaires à mettre en œuvre dans les établissements scolaires de la province. Des examens peuvent encore avoir lieu si des dispositions sont prises pour protéger les élèves.

Changes in School Timings Due To Heat Wave

Local authorities have already changed school timings, ordering early morning sessions instead of mid-afternoon classes. According to meteorological department records, schools operate between 7 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. (Mon-Thu + Sat), while on Fridays, they close at 11 a.m. only. This is to avoid sending children out during peak hours when temperatures reach their highest points.

Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Alerts

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority issued a warning about a possible heatwave from May 21 through May 27.

Government Response And Directives

Keeping in view the potential risks associated with such weather conditions, Chief Minister Punjab Marium Nawaz has put all district administrations on high alert. The government has directed them to take necessary steps for the prevention and control of heatstroke among the general public, including school-going children who are most vulnerable during this season due to their frequent exposure outdoors while travelling back and forth from home or other places where they study, play, etcetera.

Impact On Students And Parents

The early start of the summer holidays has thrown daily routines out of gear for students and parents alike. While some parents expressed their concerns about the abrupt change in schedule, others appreciated the government’s decision as a saving grace against possible health hazards faced by kids during prolonged sittings under the blazing sun at schools.

Health And Safety Tips For Heatwave

Pour combattre la chaleur, il est conseillé d’éviter de sortir entre 11h et 15h, de boire beaucoup d’eau, de porter des vêtements en coton léger et d’utiliser des parapluies en plein soleil. If possible, people should stay indoors or at cool places where air conditioning is available during peak hours.

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