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Hamza Shahbaz & Mian Mujtaba Discuss NA-118 Plans


The meeting between Hamza Shahbaz and Mian Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman was thorough. As it covered different areas for the development of NA-118. They provided detailed explanations for each project to ensure thorough consideration of all aspects of public welfare. The new tube wells will be used to solve the problems of water scarcity. Upgrading water filtration plants will be helpful in providing safe drinking water to the residents. We have improved the infrastructure of schools and colleges to enhance education.Which is one of PML-N’s major concerns.

Improvements in Public Utilities 

The next step is to improve the supply of water, which will guarantee that there is clean water for all homes all the time. Additionally, we have fixed street lights to enhance security. And let residents walk safely at any hour within this neighborhood even at night. It is important to upgrade the sewage system because it prevents public health risks by reducing the likelihood of contracting illnesses such as cholera. Which are caused by poor sanitation.

The role played by Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA)

Parks and horticulture authorities played a key role during the presentation, too. Under PHA, several projects involve the construction as well as maintenance of parks together with green spaces; these places cater to environmental needs, among other requirements, within a given community setup such as ours here in NA-118, where we currently reside. Such recreational facilities provide ideal venues for relaxation among people who wish to take breaks from daily routine tasks hence contributing greatly towards improving general life quality.

Commitment Towards Timely Completion

The prompt completion order given by Mr. SHAHBAZ HAIDAR KHAN reflects PML-N’s determination to keep their word on the time frames they had promised while campaigning for various positions. Especially those relating to service delivery points like the ones we are discussing today. In doing so, what the party seeks to do is ensure that development benefits reach citizens within the shortest duration possible, thus building confidence in the government’s ability to meet public needs.

Vision for National Development

These statements made by Hamza Shahbaz reflect a larger vision of Pakistani progress with NAWAZ SHARIF and SHAHBAZ SHARIF at the helm. The focus on reducing inflation coupled with efforts aimed at attracting foreign investments forms part strategic plan geared towards boosting our country’s economy, which in turn creates more jobs for locals as well as outsiders, thus improving living standards throughout Pakistan, not only in limited areas alone but all over its territory; this is why we need stable governments like PML-N led ones who can provide a necessary environment conducive for growth.

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