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Fatal Gas Tanker Accident on Motorway Salt Range


A fatal accident involving a gas tanker occurred on the Motorway Salt Range, resulting in the loss of six lives.

Incident Description Fatal Gas

The accident was initiated by a brake failure of the gas tanker, as reported earlier. The center barrier of the road was broken through by it. And hit another vehicle coming from opposite directions, resulting in both cars falling into a gorge. Many people died instantly because of the strong force produced due to this crash between two heavy objects moving towards each other at high speeds on a collision course.

Route and Circumstances Fatal Gas

Preliminary information indicates that the gas tanker was traveling from Rawalpindi towards Faisalabad, covering a stretch of the Motorway Salt Range. Witnesses reported that the tanker, which was supposed to be empty, encountered brake issues during its descent along the range’s hilly terrain.

Response from Authorities

Upon receiving the notification, a large contingent of Motorway Police, including senior officers, swiftly arrived to manage the aftermath. Emergency services were deployed promptly to assist the injured and handle the recovery of the deceased.

Safety Concerns and Investigations

After this sad event, stringent safety protocols should be implemented on the Motorway Salt Range. Future prevention of such incidences may involve frequent heavy vehicle servicing, among other measures ensuring strict compliance with safety rules.

Condolences and Aid

Many people sent their condolences following the incident, where several lives were lost. People are trying their best to help those families affected by this tragedy in any way possible.

This tragic occurrence has reminded us about the risks involved while ferrying dangerous substances through busy highways and the need for stricter driver protection measures.

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