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Farah Khan | Reveals Her Unique Way of Dealing With Rival

Renowned Indian filmmaker Farah Khan recently shared her unconventional method of dealing with people who hurt her in the industry. She admitted this during her appearance on “The Great Indian Laughter Show” with host Kapil Sharma, a popular comedian. The conversation also involved veteran actor Anil Kapoor, and it revealed some interesting aspects of Farah Khan’s philosophy about revenge and forgiveness.

Revenge or Forgiveness?

Kapil Sharma asked his guests whether they forgive or revenge those who have wronged them, setting up a thought-provoking debate considering their long careers full of battles won on Bollywood’s frontlines.

Farah’s Unexpected Confession

Farah’s response was surprising yet enlightening when she said that she does not take revenge directly against anyone but through what she refers to as ‘black tongue’. According to her words, “I swear I don’t do anything… But what I say in my heart about my enemies always comes true because I have got a black tongue.”

The Idea Of A “Black Tongue”

Other cultures also find the belief in having a ‘black tongue’ quite fascinating. They believe that speaking ill about somebody can bring bad luck upon them. Farah seems to buy into the notion that words are endowed with magical powers so strong even destiny bows down before them.

Industry Implications

India’s most powerful director suggested this approach, urging those working in movies, especially Bollywood, to take it seriously. She mentioned silently wishing for the failure of the next three films if someone rivaled the film fraternity. She said, “I just say inside me, when they come from the industry… their next 3-4 movies will go flop,” showcasing her belief that thoughts might affect others’ fortunes.

Word Power And Belief Systems

The above realization leads us to contemplate wider themes such as faith language use across various societies. Different cultures attach different meanings to spoken words and their potential to change reality. Some of these practices include prayer, affirmations, or even curses. Farah Khan’s ‘black tongue’ represents a physical expression, which could mean that everything happening around her is connected through what she says.

Psychological Grounds

From a psychological standpoint, we could also regard it as an adaptive response to dealing with negativity in life. She might feel empowered or rather powerful knowing that by just speaking ill about them, she may cause something to happen, which we see as a vengeful act but actually serves the purpose of defending herself against the emotional pain that her adversaries inflict on her.

Superstition In Entertainment

Superstitious beliefs are not unheard of in the entertainment world, where many performers, movie makers, and producers have their unique practices and convictions for good luck. One such example is Farah Khan’s “black tongue” theory, which contributes to the already diverse range of superstitions prevalent in Bollywood as well as other places worldwide. Whether people trust these supernatural powers or not, nobody can deny their influence over peoples’ lives once they subscribe to any belief system like this.

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